Aunty Devi’s Meat Pies Review: Family Secret Meat Pie Recipe.

    Family Meat Pie Recipe If you’ve never had a New Zealand-style meat pie or sausage roll, you have no idea what you’re missing. Aunty Devi and Uncle Nate as they are so affectionately known around Escondido California, hand prepares and bakes the pies from a decades-old family meat pie recipe. After visiting their bakery 8 … Read more

    At-Home STD Testing: How Dating Online is Causing Issues for Mature Adults

    at home std test

    If you are over 50 and active in the dating scene, you might find this article interesting. While researching sites for my mom about dating, I stumbled upon these facts about at-home STD testing kits for adults and the stigma behind getting an infection and getting treatment for it. This information made me call my mother – single … Read more

    Splendid Spoon Meal Delivery Review, Try the Reset Program, 5 Facts!

    Splendid Spoon Meal Delivery

    With the New Year just around the corner, I’m sure you have your resolutions lined up. If they include transitioning to a more plant-based diet, or if you are currently vegetarian, these five light soups on Splendid Spoon’s new Reset Program’s menu are tasty, hardy, and low in calories. At times we fall off the … Read more

    HelloFresh Meal Delivery For Seniors Review 2022

    HelloFresh is perfect for retired boomers and seniors who get inspired to cook but spend less time meal planning and shopping (claims to save you 46% compared to shopping at a grocery store) and looking for a nutritious and balanced diet diet diet alternative to frozen meals. Our Favorite HelloFresh Meals 1.) Chicken Gyro Couscous … Read more

    6 Steps for Making Your Home More Business Friendly

    With more boomers working from home, many houses do not have what is needed for success. Often, home businesses require only minimal changes, but sometimes issues with layout, space, or decor may prompt homeowners to search for another location. Whether you are staying put or looking for something new, take these strategic steps from Senior … Read more

    5 Easy Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Home Now

    5 Easy Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Home Now

    For many seniors and boomers approaching the glory days, the desire to stay in their homes and age gracefully and comfortably is a primary concern.  In this Senior Affair article, we did some research and found some simple ways to improve your home and quality of life. Remodeling Your Bathroom Access to your bathroom and … Read more

    What Is The Amazon Meal Kit?

    What Is The Amazon Meal Kit?

    Most of us have ordered something from Amazon before, and the kits they sell include nearly everything you’d need to make a meal. Still, they’re only available to Amazon Prime or Amazon Fresh Members who live in metro areas that offer grocery delivery or at select Whole Foods stores in those areas. The prep work is done for you with no … Read more