Discover Love In Your Golden Years: Exploring Dating Sites For Seniors

Discover Love In Your Golden Years: Exploring Dating Sites For Seniors

    As aging adults, life does not end at 50. On the contrary, it is a time to reflect and start anew. Many seniors today are discovering the benefits of online dating after 50. Dating sites tailored to seniors provide an easy way to connect with potential partners in their age group while learning more about … Read more

    5 Tips for Senior Sex

    5 tips for senior sex

    Sex is like fine wine; it gets better with age. While the media paints people 50+ as disinterested in sex and intimacy, that’s just false advertising (but you knew that, or you wouldn’t be reading this article). In fact, a 2018 survey found that 76% of adults between 65-80 reported that sex was essential to … Read more

    Online Dating for Seniors: 10 Big Tips So You Find Your Match.

    Online Dating for Seniors: The 5 Big Tips We've Seen This Year

    If you’re mature single thinking about trying online dating, you have lots of company. Users over 55 are the fastest-growing segment of the digital dating world. Still, you may have concerns about whether you’ll meet anyone compatible and how to stay safe while interacting with strangers. You may also feel overwhelmed by your choices if … Read more

    At-Home STD Testing: How Dating Online is Causing Issues for Mature Adults

    at home std test

    If you are over 50 and active in the dating scene, you might find this article interesting. While researching sites for my mom about dating, I stumbled upon these facts about at-home STD testing kits for adults and the stigma behind getting an infection and getting treatment for it. This information made me call my mother – single … Read more