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    Lexie Hearing® is an innovative game-changer in the US hearing aid market. We’re on a mission to make better hearing accessible for everyone with a reliable, affordable hearing care solution: the Lexie Lumen hearing aid.

    The Lexie Hearing team is passionate about helping you enjoy healthy hearing without the need to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids.

    Why? Because too many people who would benefit from wearing hearing aids don’t have them because they’re simply too expensive. That’s why Lexie Hearing® is changing the industry. We’re helping people hear the life they love with real, digital hearing aids, a customer care program, and an easy-to-use mobile app that gives them control of their hearing health. All this at a price they can afford.

    Quality hearing aids at an affordable price

    At Lexie, we leverage smart technology and remote care to ensure that we can still deliver the quality and features wearers would expect from premium hearing aids, but at 80% less than the average industry cost.

    Every person who purchases a pair of hearing aids also gets access to the award-winning Lexie App, via Bluetooth capability an invaluable resource and natural extension of the hearing aids. Once the hearing aids have been delivered, the app is used to take a hearing check, and the hearing aids are automatically customized according to the wearer’s unique hearing profile. No two ears are the same, which is why hearing aids should be customized according to hearing check results.

    An all-inclusive hearing care solution

    The small, discreet Lexie Lumen hearing aid comes in 5 different colors: light gray, silver, beige, metallic black, and bronze. Many wearers like to select the color that blends in best with their hair color.

    What makes this a convenient hearing care solution is that everything a wearer needs is included in the box on delivery. There are slim tubes and domes in a range of sizes, to ensure the perfect fit according to the size of each ear. Batteries, drying capsules, and cleaning tools are also included so that the hearing aids can be properly maintained. By following the simple step-by-step instructions, a Lexie wearer will be set up in no time and can adjust the environment settings according to the environment that they’re in, directly in the app.

    Unparalleled expert remote care

    What truly sets Lexie apart from other direct-to-consumer hearing aid brands is the team of hearing experts and product experts that is at the disposal of all Lexie wearers. Whenever customers have a question, need help to set up their hearing aids, or want to fine-tune their hearing aids further, the team is willing and able to connect through video or voice call at no additional expense. This means that wearers can get assistance 6 days a week, without having to leave home.

    Source: Lexie Hearing

    Hearing aids you can access and afford

    Because we’ve removed the middleman, customers can buy Lexie Lumen hearing aids online with a one-time payment of $799 or get the all-inclusive subscription option for only $49 x 24 months. The subscription option includes Care Kits that are delivered at regular intervals during the 2 years. There are batteries, domes, tubes, and drying capsules in each Care Kit. There is also a protection plan included for breakages and losses.

    Both offers include Lexie Rewards®, a first-of-its-kind rewards program that incentivizes customers to wear their hearing aids. The more they wear their hearing aids, the more likely wearers are to adjust well to the hearing aids. Rewards members will earn points that can be redeemed on purchases in-store in the Lexie App or used towards discounting their monthly subscription fee.

    Of tremendous value to customers is that they can enjoy complete peace of mind with a 45-day, money-back guarantee. If their Lexie Lumen hearing aids don’t work for them, they can send them back within the first 45-days and receive a full refund.

    Lexie Lumen hearing aids can be purchased online from Lexie Hearing, and are also available through Best Buy and Walmart, and in select Walgreens stores. You can find your closest Walgreens that stocks Lexie Lumen hearing aids here.

    Lexie was developed by hearX Group, an impact-driven company that has provided over 1.2 million hearing tests in 190 countries globally. hearX takes pride in providing an entirely new way to overcome traditional barriers to the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disabling hearing loss.

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