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copper infused compression gloves

    Copper Compression sells high-quality copper-infused apparel like arthritis gloves and face masks with the latest technology promoting injury recovery.

    They consistently release new products monthly, and many popular publications have featured them like Fast Company, Buzzfeed, Vice, Elite Daily, and Bustle. In 2020 they won two Stevie Awards and the American Business Awards for the Best Consumer Product and Company of the Year.

    In this Senior Affair article, we provide the details on the brand, the customer reviews, special discounts and promotions, and specifics.

    Overview of Copper Compression 

    They were founded in 2019 to sell products with healing properties backed by science. Copper Compression sells compression socks, arthritis gloves, braces, and more. They designed the products to alleviate pain by reducing inflammation, less lactic acid build-up, and shortening recovery time. 

    Seniors and boomers should try these products not to live with chronic pain.

    Key Facts

    • Regularly releases new products
    • Copper is antibacterial and odor resistant
    • Customer reviews are optimistic about the product and customer service
    • People of all ages can use it
    • Copper Compression braces, gloves, splints, and other supports contain the highest copper content.
    • Prices are reasonable
    • Free shipping over $50

    Copper Compression Products Review

    The copper-infused products have copper woven into the fabric for sustainability instead of spraying it on and it washing off. The material is sweat-wicking and dries quickly, keeping odors to a minimum. Copper Compression's products, including the braces and gloves, are innovative and provide users with a comfortable and efficient experience.

    Here are some of their bestsellers, and you can determine which ones are right for you. 

    Copper Compression Recovery Shoulder Brace Review

    Suppose you suffer an injury to your shoulder like sprains, strains, frozen shoulders, torn rotator cuffs, dislocation, separation, tendinitis, joint stiffness, or something like this. In that case, this copper-infused Recovery Shoulder Brace helps your shoulder recover properly using a compression-based healing technology

    You can wear this brace underneath or on top of your clothes. The breathable design prevents further injury by limiting the movement in your shoulders.

    The Recovery Shoulder Brace can be worn on either shoulder and allows you to maintain mobility by supporting and securing your body with flexible, adjustable hook and latch straps. The regular size retails for $32.

    Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve Review

    Recovery Knee Sleeve

    Sometimes, we overdo it and strain or hurt ourselves as we get older. This Recovery Knee Sleeve can help you recover faster by restoring your muscle control by warming up your tendons and muscles. You can wear the sleeves on both knees to relieve stiffness or soreness.

    If you have weak joints, this is perfect for active recovery, helping you feel more stabilized. Try this Copper Compression copper Knee Sleeve to reduce your pain. It comes in sizes small to 2X-large and sells for $22. 

    Copper Compression Recovery Ankle Sleeve Review

    Recovery Ankle Sleeve

    If you've injured your ankle, you need continuous compression; the Recovery Ankle Sleeve can do this by preventing further injury and warming your tendons and muscles, helping you recover faster. The fabric is flexible so that you won't experience stiffness and affect your natural range of motion either. 

    The Recovery Ankle Sleeve can comfortably fit on your fit under your socks and shoes, don't worry, they are antibacterial and copper-infused – supporting your recovery. This Copper Compression review suggests wearing your sleeves to get the maximum results when you go to bed.

    To treat ankle pain, stiffness, soreness, or other injuries, try this copper Recovery Ankle Sleeve in sizes small to 2X-large for only $15.

    Copper Compression Bunion Corrector Toe Splints Review

    Bunion Corrector Toe Splints
    Bunion Corrector Toe Splints

    These are ergonomic splints that realign your big toe with a bendable aluminum insert that sits next to the bunion, providing an effective, gentle adjustable compression for hurt toes. 

    This Copper Compression Review discovered that these toe splints are odor resistant and made with the brand's signature copper-infused fabric; this makes them super easy to clean after you use them. They can be worn directly on your feet, under your socks and shoes, whether you're standing or walking. 

    These Bunion Corrector Toe Splints are adjustable and sold in one size; they cost $18. 

    Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves – Half Finger Review

    copper infused compression gloves
    Arthritis Gloves

    A popular product is the Arthritis Gloves – Half Finger as they help relieve consistent pain and swelling from arthritis in your wrists, hands, and fingers. The targeted compression supports you by increasing your blood flow and preventing excess fluid build-up. 

    The gloves may help you by encouraging proper joint movement with the non-slip grip on the inside helps maintain pressure, allowing the continuous pressure to heal your hands and soothe your muscles.

    The half-finger design of the glove allows you to grip and touch things and not feel restricted. The open finger function makes it easy to text, type, drive, and do all your everyday tasks. 

    Copper Compression gloves run in sizes small to XL, and one pair costs $30

    Wrist Brace

    Copper Compression Wrist Brace – Left or Right Review

    This Copper Compression copper  Wrist Brace relieves frustrations like arthritis, tendinitis, sprains, wrist pains, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This model is adjustable and conforms to your wrist, and provides support so you can heal. It's breathable, ergonomic, and anti-microbial for sweaty palms. 

    You can wear this Wrist Brace that can fit both wrists, and you can wear it 24 hours, don't worry about taking it off at night! 

    This Copper Compression copper fit Wrist Brace is available for $30. You can choose from four size options: 

    • Left hand small to medium
    • Left hand large to extra large
    • Right hand small to medium
    • Right hand large to extra large

    Copper Compression Arm Sleeve for Men and Women Review

    Elbow Sleeve

    Are you searching for a Copper Compression copper elbow sleeve? Check out this form-fitting unisex Arm Sleeve for Men and Women, gets good customer reviews as it works to help boost blood circulation, enhance your movement and engage muscles. 

    Wear the copper Arm Sleeve for Men and Women to ensure that you don't unnecessarily strain or fatigue yourself. Wear it during your exercise or physical training sessions. It has an interior grip on the sleeve, so you get a secure fit but allows for the movement of your joints.

    The Arm Sleeve for Men and Women is available in sizes small to 2XL; you can purchase it for $27

    Copper Compression Copper Infused Face Mask – 2 Pack Review

    Copper Face Mask

    We liked and used the award-winning Copper Compression Copper Face Mask; it's always nice to have an extra pair of face coverings. This set offers advanced respiratory protection, is reusable, and is unisex and matching, coming in three colors – black, gray, and white. 

    The masks are made of cotton and infused with high-quality copper ions; they are comfortable and perfect for all-day use with the dual-filter and four layers of protection. To clean them, the brand recommends that you soak them in hot water for a few minutes, then squeeze out the water and let them air dry. 

    We note that the Copper Compression face mask is a non-medical face mask, The antimicrobial copper infused face mask have four layers of protection with a built-in filter compatible with KN95 masks. It has a nose bridge, elastic ear loops, and a fastener. 

    The Copper Compression copper fit mask (two-pack) sells for $21. Right now they are running a sale for $10 for a limited time.

    Copper Compression Arch Support Review

    Arch Support

    These Arch Support foot bands can be worn directly on the skin, even at night. You may forget that you have them on. Customers have good things to say in the reviews. For example, if you have arch issues, plantar fasciitis, fibromatosis, arthritis, heel spurs, bunions, and other foot problems, the compression adds stability to support your body during any activity. 

    You can wear these Copper Compression  Arch Support bands with shoes, sandals, or socks. Just slip them on to lift your arches and relieve pressure across your feet. 

    The Copper Compression Arch Support bands come in two colors – black and nude; one pair costs $20. 

    copper compression
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    Copper Compression Reviews: What do Customers Think?

    Does Copper Compression really work? We researched the internet to answer this question. Below you'll find customer reviews from the company's websiteAmazon and Facebook

    Arch Support

    “Fits well, even with shoes on. Adds support where I need it. Holds my “bones” together. Eliminated foot pains from toes to ankle. Good price. Well made. I recommended these to several friends with foot issues; they, too, are happy.”

    -Krista O. on 27 Jan 2022

    Recovery Back Brace

    I have a very back lower back. I put on your brace and I can get through the day. without it, I do not even start the day.”

    -Stephen L. on 30 Oct 2021

    Face Masks

    “Excellent mask for comfort & breathability. Easy to wash & dry.

    I don't mind wearing a mask PLUS my glasses don't fog up.!!!”

    -Bonnie H. on 25 Jan 2022

    Bunion Corrector Sleeves

    “This product provides compression support to the big toe and to the bunion area. It reduces swelling in the toe for recovery. Adds a layer of protection to eliminate inflammation in the base of the big toe adding recovery.

    -Vincent C. on 5 Jul 2021

    On Amazon, you can find thousands of reviews on Copper Compression's products; this one about the Arthritis Gloves gets 4.2 out of 4 stars.

     Great for hand injury following dog mauling

    “A couple of years ago a neighbor dog mauled me. My right arm has multiple surgeries to repair the tendons and nerves with reattachments of both. My hand aches when the weather changes, when I use it a lot (which is often!), etc. This glove allows me to do what I need to do and relieves my pain. It also keeps my hand comfy while still being breathable. Great product!” 

    On Facebook, they get 4.3 out of 5 with this review.

    “I bought the foot compression for my mom. She has been in a lot of pain with planters fasciatis. she put the sleeve on and called me an hour later! She couldn't believe that she was able to walk pain free! thank you! We will be ordering again!”

    Thanks to customer feedback, it's clear that the brand's overall products are efficient, and excellent customer service appears to keep their customers happy. 

    Is Copper Compression Worth it? 

    This Copper Compression review believes that the brand is undoubtedly worth purchasing from. Their braces, sleeves, and gloves are perfect for seniors and boomers who want to reduce pain during recovery and enhance their lifestyle. Customers are impressed with the copper-infused offerings, with no complaints about price and product inefficiency. 

    There were plenty of positive reports of happy buyers regarding customer service, which is a good sign. However, if you need practical healing support for your sore muscles, ailments, or weak joints, we highly recommend considering Copper Compression. 

    Copper Compression Promotions and Discounts

    We suggest joining the Copper Compression member's email list if you want to keep up with sales. When you sign up, use code SENIORAFFAIR for 20% Off, valid on full-priced items only. 

    This Copper Compression review has found a sales section with items as low as 50% off

    Where to Buy Copper Compression

    You can purchase copper products on their website at

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