Is Vision Insurance Worth the Investment?

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Is Vision Insurance Worth the Investment

    Vision care is an important part of your overall health and wellness. It’s also a quick and painless way to make sure you and your eyes are staying healthy throughout retirement. The good news is, enrolling in a quality individual vison plan on your own can be affordable. Let’s take a look at what exactly vision insurance includes, why it’s important, and how you can get covered.

    What Is Vision Insurance?

    Your regular health insurance plan may cover health costs if you injure your eyes in an accident or if illness affects your vision. But if you’re looking for coverage to help with the cost of routine eye exams and eyeglasses, you’ll most likely need to buy a separate insurance plan, like one through VSP Individual Vision Plans. Even if you are covered through Medicare, many Medicare plans don’t include coverage for routine eye exams or glasses.

    How Important is Regular Eye Care?

    Routine eye exams help make sure you’re seeing your best by keeping your prescription current, which can directly impact your quality of life. More than that, during your annual eye exam, your eye doctor can detect early signs of eye and other health conditions, including:

    All of these health conditions are important to identify early—before they become more serious.

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    What Is Included with Coverage through VSP Individual Vision Plans?

    VSP plans cover an annual eye exam and coverage for glasses, after a small copay. If you’re looking for even more coverage, they have several plan options to choose from. They offer coverage to help you pay the least out-of-pocket at the doctor’s office for the lens enhancements you want, including fully covered progressive lenses, anti-glare coating, or a higher frame allowance.

    Are Vision Plans Affordable?

    VSP Individual Vision Plans have personalized, affordable plans you can buy on your own. Full-service plans start as low as $13 a month and although everyone’s needs are different, typical savings is about $3001 a year. That’s because the savings don’t stop with exams and frames. You also get discounts on lens enhancements you can choose when selecting your glasses. Progressives, bifocals, trifocals, and tinted lenses are also covered or discounted. Plus, you also get access to additional member-only offers, like an Extra $402 to spend on select frame brands and up to 60% savings on digital hearing aids and receive discounts on batteries3.

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    How Do I Enroll in a VSP Individual Vision Plan?

    Enrollment in a VSP Individual Vision Plan is simple, You can enroll all year long and there’s no waiting period, meaning you can use your vision benefits the same day you enroll. Plus, VSP makes paying for your vision plan easy, too. You can choose to pay for your vision plan all at once or in 12-monthly installments. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in your eye health, as well as saving on exams, frames, and more.

    1. Savings are based on national averages on annual eye exams and most commonly purchased frame brands and may vary by VSP plan and purchase selection, average savings determined after benefits are applied.  

    2. Brands/Promotions subject to change. Available only to VSP members with applicable plans. Offers are only available through VSP network doctors and in-network locations. 

    3. VSP provides information to its members but does not offer or provide any discount hearing program. The relationship between VSP and TruHearing is that of independent contractors. VSP makes no endorsement, representations, or warranties regarding any products or services offered by TruHearing, a third-party vendor. The vendor is solely responsible for the products or services offered by them. You should contact the vendor directly if you have any questions regarding the services offered here. TruHearing allows individuals to purchase hearing aids at discounted prices, including individuals covered by self-funded health plans not subject to state insurance or health plan regulations. TruHearing is not insurance and not subject to state insurance regulations. TruHearing provides discounts to certain healthcare groups for hearing aid sales and services; TruHearing provides fitting, programming, and three adjustment visits at no cost; the member is obligated to pay for testing, and all post-fitting hearing care services, but will receive a discount from those healthcare providers who have contracted with TruHearing. Not available directly from VSP in the states of Washington and California.

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