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Mimi Wilson

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    Hey, there it's Mimi! I am doing a review of Good Science Beauty. I was sent a trio of beauty products to try.  

    The box arrived beautifully packaged with no damage done to any of the products!

    The products I am reviewing:

    The box & packaging
    Good Science Beauty
    The products I ordered

    1. Skin Firming Cream – Features a unique combination of Poria Cocos and Barley Extract to boost skin elasticity and even out skin tone.

    2. Skin Brightening Cream – Formulated for sensitive skin, this serum-like moisturizer brings together MelatoninGlutathione and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to brighten skin gently and safely.

    3. Hydrating Facial – Leave-on treatment for dry or aging skin. It has a lovely, gel-like texture and absorbs so easily that it doesn't mess up your pillows.

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    Day One  February 6, 2024
    I decided to try the “Skin Brightening Cream” first:

    *On clean, dry skin I used two pumps and massaged it all over my face and neck. Starting at my undereye area, I smoothed it in an upward and out motion. A little goes a long way! The cream has a vibrant feeling. It is thick but feels very light and silky, My skin felt very moisturized and hydrated! 

      I used it for 3 weeks and had the same great results! The moisture lasted all day. I also used it under my foundation makeup and setting powder. When I used it at night the next morning my skin still appeared dewy and smooth. There was no irritation at all. The product has no smell; My skin tends to be sensitive. I have combination skin where there are dry and oily areas at the same time!

    Skin Brightening Cream

    Day One March 6, 2024

    “Skin Firming Cream”

    *On clean, dry skin, I used again two pumps all over my face starting at my undereye area where I am beginning to see fine lines. The cream seems to get into those lines and soften them, so they are not so noticeable. I used an additional pump on my neck area. I feel like my neck needs some extra care, and this cream has helped with toning up this area. This cream is also rich and thick; a small amount is all you need to cover your face. The cream makes my skin feel moisturized and smooth, while at the same time, it is beginning to feel firmer; I used it under my foundation makeup and setting powder; there was no irritation; this product has no smell, and I love it!

    Skin Firming Cream

    Day One April 6, 2024
    “Hydrating Facial”

    When I first opened the jar, I knew this cream was something special! 

    *On clean, dry skin at the end of the day, three times a week, I applied a small amount of the cream to my undereye area and my entire face. The cream goes on silky smooth! I loved how this cream made my skin feel at the end of the day. My skin feels hydrated and smooth. When I washed it off in the morning, my skin still felt hydrated! I felt like something extraordinary was happening to my skin! I felt like they made this cream just for me. My skin usually feels dry in areas, and this cream feels like it has added moisture to it. 

    Hydrating Facial


    All the products I tried from Good Science Beauty worked great for me. I have combination skin and acne-prone skin; I didn't experience a breakout while I was using the products! I am not saying that these products are used for acne, but they also didn't cause any harm to my skin. All the products added moisture to my skin which I feel like my skin needed. I liked that the products did not have a smell and were also not irritating to my skin. So these creams feel rich and smooth. You can tell that a lot has gone into developing these products; I am thankful that I was able to try these products; I love them!

    Use Discount Code SeniorAffair25 (25% off all products)

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