Everplans Review: Does Your Estate Plan Include All of Your Assets?

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    What would happen if mom or dad suddenly passed away?

    Or, being less dramatic, what if they were to fall ill and you became an overnight caregiver? 

    Are their affairs in order?

    Would your family know what to do with all of their belongings? These could include physical properties and belonging and digital assets, and non-tangibles.

    When You Die, What Happens To Your Facebook Account?

    Like most Americans, your loved ones likely have social media accounts, cryptocurrencies, blog posts, and songs purchased on iTunes, but no estate plan for this property.

    Today our estate planning must include more than just wills, real estate, and life insurance policies; you should be asking yourself, what do you want with all of this?

    Meet Everplans, a smart digital vault that will guide you through organizing important documents and even final wishes.

    Make A List of Your Assets – Physical & Digital

    The first step would be to list all the valuable assets, including crypto and investments, Also, take note of details like the neighbors' names and how to access accounts for utilities and internet and cable. Don't forget sentimental items like greeting cards, letters, and old photos. Think of all the things that will be part of memorializing the legacy.

    Checklist of Items to Include To Get You Started

    • Organize Passwords & Codes
    • List all the places you have money
    • Creat home instructions – think electricity, phone, internet, security systems, pets!
    • Name your contacts – Doctors, neighbors/friends, employers, lawyers
    • Write a will for all you own
    • Name a guardian for your children
    • Name a trustee to manage your wishes
    • Write a letter of last instruction to your family
    • Write your obituary
    • Detail your funeral wishes
    • Compile all instructions and important documents, including your birth certificate, in one place) (fireproof box or digitally) *Consider storing copies in 2-3 places.
    • Make sure your contacts know where all of this is stored

    *Source – In Case You Get Hit By A Bus by Abby Schneiderman and Adam Seifer

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    everplans estate planning
    everplans estate planning
    everplans estate planning

    The pandemic has been enlightening for many Americans who realized anything could happen, and some were separated from their loved ones for different reasons.

    Upgrade From That Safety Deposit Box

    When our family became a caregiver for a senior, she had her precious items from her children, essential documents, and passport, among other things, in a black safety deposit box.

    The box was cumbersome and large; she struggled to lug it around from place to place. She wasn't originally from this country, so that presented other challenges.

    We could all benefit from having an innovative digital vault that includes all her important information and records.


    Everplans is a subscription service that guides you and helps to organize your life; they have a free account that gives you around 50% of the vault and a premium service that costs $75/per year, which provides you with access to an extensive library of 2500 articles, checklists, and worksheets.

    Everplans was co-founded by Abby Schneiderman and Abby Seifer. They are also the co-authors of the best-selling book In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for when You’re Not Around Later.

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