Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Seniors

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Valentines Day Gift guide

    Coronavirus safety: To reduce exposure to Covid-19, we recommend shopping online for supplies or gifts and focusing on activities that can be done at home or outdoors (avoiding crowds or harsh weather). Consider mailing decorations, activities, and gifts ahead of time to older adults living in care communities or separate households and celebrating with a video call.

    Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day Gift for the Senior in Your Life?

    Valentines Day isn't just for couples; it's for everyone; it can even be for your petsIt can be hard to find the appropriate gift for the older people in our lives, whether it's relatives, friends, or a spouse. Valentine's Day is the perfect way to spend some quality time with our loved ones or aging parents. With older adults being isolated more, it's essential to show them that they are loved and appreciated, right? So what kind of gift ideas are suitable for seniors? 

    From furniture to exercise equipment that can assist with their physical needs to self-care and gifts that will provide happiness, Senior Affair has found the best gifts for seniors for Valentines's Day that your loved ones will love. 

    Remember that plenty of younger seniors feels vibrant, fit, and ready to enjoy the rest of their lives. Gifts for older women can take a different direction if they are on the younger side of older or recently retired; we have gifts for them all. 

    Gifts of Connection

    • Photo albums, framed pictures, and even talking frames allow you to record a message that they can replay or digital picture frames that enable you to send and update photographs electronically. You can share the login information with your family so they can upload photos and messages too. 
    • Photo phones let you program the memory buttons and use a photo to indicate each contact on the phone list.
    • Purchase technology like a computer or set them up with Facetime or Facebook Messenger on a mobile phone. Search for some senior-friendly programs and apps depending on your loved ones' comfort level with technology. 
    RAZ Lenovo Smart Display

    Mobile Phones as Gifts for Seniors

    Since many seniors have become savvy with mobile phones, buying them a phone card or mobile phone on your family plan or pre-paid phone. The Jitterbug smartphone gets excellent reviews since it's a clear and straightforward option for seniors that won't require a monthly contract. However, according to this Bustle article, talking on the phone can strengthen your connections with someone important. 

    Jitterbug Smart 3


    ficus for seniors
    Ficus plant

    You can add soothing greenery to the room is to gift your older adult a houseplant – either an alive, easy-care plant like this or a small, no-fuss ficus plant like this one. Your elderly grandparents or aging parents will enjoy these for a more extended period. 

    Practical Gifts

    copper infused face mask
    Copper-infused Face mask

    Contains 2 copper-infused face masks, choose between gray, white, and black. Washable and reusable. Pure cotton.

    Gift of Comfort

    Please give them the gift of adaptive clothing, which includes open back tops, wide open pants, or shirts with magnetic buttons, perfect for those with arthritis or wheelchair users.

    Stay Active and Safe

    Many seniors suffer from common foot ailments like bunions, corns, diabetes, and other podiatry foot problems that cause them pain and discomfort; this discourages them from exercising. However, exercise can boost their mental and physical well-being. 

    Bright Light Therapy 


    Have you considered buying your senior family member a therapy lamp? Studies have shown that exposure to bright light from a special lamp or lightbox can help with Depression by replacing the sublight they are missing naturally. This Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp is perfect for the fall and winter seasons when SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is most prominent, it has 2 light settings and can double as a desk lamp.

    The Classic Valentine's Day Gift of Flowers!

    You can't go wrong with a fresh bouquet; everyone loves to give or recieve flowers; it's a common symbol of happiness, calm, and joy. You can have flowers delivered to your senior loved ones' homes or facilities.

    Give a Gift Card

    You may struggle to find the right gift because you don't know what your loved one will like; in this case, you can find a git card wit gives the receiver the freedom to purchase what they need.

    Gifts for Seniors Who Like to Read

    One of the things seniors look forward to is having the time to read more. If your loved one loves to read, you could give them a subscription to a magazine or gift cards to a bookstore. This could be a lifeline for them inspiring their imagination, allowing them to live vicariously through the book's characters, or continue to teach them new things.

    If your loved one lives in a nursing facility, try to bring (the small items) they may need, like warm shoes, socks, a hand warmer. Something original that shows your heritage or family tree is fun and makes a great gift. 

    There are some exciting gifts for book readers, like book pillows for their lap, making reading more accessible and fun because they no longer have to hold the books in their hands. 

    Anything you can do to encourage and facilitate your seniors to read is beneficial because the mental stimulation of reading can help protect memory and thinking skills, according to this TheBestBrainPossible article. 

    Weighted Blankets and Companions

    The term “weighted blanket” refers to more than a blanket that's heavy, it's also an effective therapy that can be beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and treating PTSD.

    What Are The Best Gifts For Seniors Who Live Alone?

    Loneliness and isolation can have serious side effects; according to the CDC, many seniors live alone after their spouse dies, putting them at risk for dementia or other medical conditions; the pandemic has magnified this issue. 

    Stuffed Animal Companions

    A realistic dog or cat companion like these Joy for All “pets” with motion detection, speakers and makes unique sounds, can help people who live alone or have dementia. 

    Are you looking for a soothing and relaxing gift for the outside? Consider a backyard gazebo like this SunnyDaze Decor patio gazebo is a perfect gift idea. If your loved ones like to garden but can't handle bending over anymore, a raised planter box like these can be a fantastic gift option. A complete greenhouse kit might be a better option; SuperCloset makes them in many sizes and price ranges and they can start growing flowers and produce early and harvest late, depending on their location; maybe they can grow year-round. 

    Before you take the easy way out and settle for a gift card, take a serious look at our list of the best gifts for seniors for the kinds of things they'll appreciate. 

    Should You Be Particular When Choosing a Gift For A Senior?

    We believe so yes, many seniors will require long-term care at some point, per this informative article by Thomas Day. So finding gifts that keep your loved ones safe and healthy are essential. You'll note that many of our gift selections assist with mobility, personal care, and other physical needs of seniors, and others will make their lives more enjoyable. 

    Don't be afraid to buy practical items that can prevent falling and muscle strains or help them see in the dark; these all add to the quality of life we want for our loved ones. 

    What Are The Best Gifts For Younger Seniors?

    You can focus on lifestyle, relaxation, or mind and body elevating experiences for younger seniors are that are healthy, fit, and finally have the time to enjoy their lives to the max. 

    They are more open-minded to trying a new hobby or learning a second language. If you think this is something they may consider, the Rosetta Stone Unlimited Languages offers a lifetime membership to learn as many languages as they like.  

    Aviron Row Machine

    Rowing Machine by Aviron Interactive

    Help your loved ones stay in shape with this rowing machine from Aviron that combines strength training with cardio.

    What Are The Best Gifts For Active Seniors?

    Sometimes when we think about “active seniors,” golf comes to mind; while this is a great retirement sport, it's not the only way for older adults to participate in sports. 

    Cycling is an option that is great for cardiovascular health without being hard on your joints as some other activities. According to AARP, cycling is considered the “new golf” for people over 50.

    If you are shopping for an older cyclist, consider gifts like a bike computer to challenge themselves or their riding friends. A hydration pack can make rides more fun and easy, giving them storage for snacks, bike tools, wallets, and phones. ProBikeKit has everything you could dream of with clothes, accessories, tools, and components.

    TrailBuddy trekking poles

    If the active senior you have in mind likes to hike, here are some gift ideas. These TrailBuddy trekking poles are height adjustable and lightweight since they are carbon fiber and can be used off-trail to navigate any terrain, even around their yard.

    Proper footwear is crucial and can make a big difference on long-distance hikes. Another simple amenity is a tent hammock; by lifting you off the ground, you keep the bugs and rain off and spares their back!

    Best Outdoor Gifts For Seniors

    Help out mom and dad with booking their camping, with Covid, many retired people are choosing to buy RV's and travel to various locations and attractions, but it can be challenging to find a place to hook up their rig, this is where hiking including lights, survival gear, first aid, batteries and portable power.

    Does your loved ones prefer “glamping” or glamour camping, if so, you can find everything at CampingMaxx, you can search their large section for the perfect gift, essentials like tiny cookstoves that make hot coffee and food and compact dish and cookware sets? 

    What Are The Best Tech Gifts For Seniors?

    You can make things easier for your loved ones by buying them smart home devices, Vivint provides everything from smart lights, thermostats, and security to a complete smart home solution, giving you both peace of mind that your loved ones are looked after with the latest in technology. With a smart home security system where everything works together, you can control your devices from anywhere on one app. And with 24/7 monitoring and support, your home and family are always protected

    Vivint Smart Home System

    Best Gifts for Seniors For Mobility Issues? 

    It can be challenging to find gifts for seniors with mobility issues; even if you can't afford a lift recliner or a fancy new walker, other tiny ideas can help them lead a more active life. 

    lift chairs for seniors
    Lift Chair

    Adaptive devices can make regular movements easier. For example, a swiveling seat cushion can simplify getting from their chair or car seat to their cane or walker. A standing chair or mobility aid can give them more control.

    Has onboard tools for heart health, stress management & skin temperature. This smartwatch by Fitbit can monitor the body's vital systems, has applications to check for heart irregularities which you can then share with your doctor and set an alert if you have a high or low heart rate.

    Puzzles and Games as Gifts

    Recently I ran across the website, you can find the most amazing puzzles, from metal, wood, and wire puzzles to puzzle locks, puzzles boxes, 3D printed puzzles, crazy-looking Rubik's cubes, and every kind of puzzle you can imagine. This wooden puzzle Cluebox: Davy Jones' Locker – 60-minute Escape Room in a box is one of their best sellers with satisfied customer reviews, it's an interactive box with various puzzles, which have to be solved one after the other to open the box.

    Cluebox: Davy Jones' Locker – 60-minute Escape Room in a box

    Gifts For Older Women

    Things to keep warm like heating pads.

    Tissue Percussion Massager Gun

    Massage gun

    The cordless massage gun from Comfier is mini-sized which makes it an awesome gift! It has 4 different speeds, with 4 interchangeable heads for neck, shoulder, back, arm, tight, leg, anywhere they need relief. It's small enough to fit in a purse and very portable.



    There are no excuses to exercise if it's sitting down right? This walking simulator technology moves your feet back and forth creating constant movement. LegXercise caters to seniors and created their machines to improve leg circulation, leg pain, or swelling.


    Walking Canes and Hiking Sticks

    Ladies Walking Canes

    Fashionable Cane with Pink Rhinestone and Pearls

    This Pearl Rhinestone with pearl walking cane for ladies is adjustable and made of aluminum, stylish and sturdy, sure to provide a balance of up 180 lbs with a wrist strap included.

    Ladies Walking Canes Until a few years ago, a lady’s walking stick was considered secondary to those used by men, often looked upon as a softer option with little practical purpose. However, ladies' walking canes have evolved just like women have progressed over the years. Today, walking canes are specifically designed for women and they have a demanding, fashionably progressive clientele across the world just like their male counterparts.

    Mens Walking Canes

    Classy Walking Canes has some of the most exclusive walking and hiking sticks. This stag horn handle walking stick is perfect for the outdoors and it's stylish and one of the best walking canes you can buy.

    Stag Horn with Natural Handle

    Do Shoes Make Good Gifts For Older People? 

    We think so – especially if they have problems like bunions or plantar fasciitis. has a large selection of sandals, slippers, walking shoes, and hiking books with padded cushions and removable insoles, that come in wide sizes to ease the pain of swelling, bunions, and other foot problems, Orthofeet makes shoes that are doctor recommended with options for arch boosters and insoles.

    Is foot fatigue a problem? Try special insoles like these from FitmyFoot to keep their feet feeling good and healthy. 

    Arch Booster

    Arch Booster
    Orthofeet Premium Orthotic Insole

    Copper Compression Bunion Corrector Toe Splints

    Bunion Corrector Toe Splints
    Bunion Corrector Toe Splints

    The Bunion Corrector Toe Splints from Copper Compression are excellent for realigning your big toe due to a bunion. You can wear them longer than 8 hours if you desire. They are easy to adjust and machine washable. You can use them every day and you will notice a difference.

    Arthritis and diminished dexterity can become an issue for older people, so shoes with laces can be a problem; try these women's Sketchers with elasticized laces to make them easy to slip on. The Fitville Rebound Core is an excellent choice for men. 

    What are the best Gifts for Seniors Who Have Everything? 

    By the time they reach their later years, their loved ones may already have everything they want or need. So it's your responsibility to find something unique that they'd never splurge on for themselves.

    CAROL bike

    CAROL AI Exercise Bike

    CAROL is a personalized AI-powered stationary exercise bike. CAROL’s AI-powered algorithms use biometric and performance data to instantly create and apply personalized resistance to achieve supramaximal power in every ride. By using the system for under nine minutes every day for eight weeks, your loved ones can get long-term fitness improvement.

    Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

    When looking for gifts for seniors who have everything, consider a robot vacuum that automatically cleans up this saves them time.

    For a deep clean with Neato LaserSmart SLAM technology with LIDAR The Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum completely maps, navigates, and cleans your loved ones home. LIDAR allows the robot to clean even in the dark.

    Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum
    Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

    Looking for Gifts for Older Men?

    If your grandpa or older gentleman you know wears an older watch, he'd probably love a new one with a big face that's easier to read. Choose one like the Fitbit Smartwatch with a digital face that monitors his heart rate and blood pressure or maybe a traditional one.

    Fitbit Sense Smart Watch

    Fitbit Sense Smart Watch

    Choose a useful model that has onboard tools for heart health, stress management & skin temperature. This smartwatch by Fitbit can monitor the body's vital systems, has applications to check for heart irregularities which you can then share with your doctor and set an alert if you have a high or low heart rate.

    Older women love classic jewelry pieces; try giving her a family heirloom to pass down to someone else. A pair of earrings or a necklace is always a great choice.

    Personalized and Engraved Jewelry

    Personalized Jewelry from Ineffables

    With Ineffables choose from personalized rings, necklaces, and bracelets. All the products are made from 100% sterling silver, 18KT gold, rose gold, and Swarovski Crystals.

    Men usually hand down their watches, but you can also try a cross necklace, something they can pass along to their grandchildren. 

    Monthly Subscription Boxes

    Tayst Coffee is a subscription service for 100% compostable pods for Keurig machines, sustainable and eco-friendly ground coffee, and 100% compostable capsules for Nespresso. They're focused on transitioning homes, from traditional plastic k-cups into Tayst's 100% compostable pods.

    What Are Some Gifts For Seniors With Arthritis?

    We can't avoid the aches and pains that come from aging, one of those things is arthritis; getting them something that gets them moving and exercising is the best since it keeps the joints flexible and muscles strong.

    Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

    copper infused compression gloves
    Arthritis Gloves

    Relieve the pain from swelling in your wrists, hands, and fingers with these copper-infused compression gloves.

    Deluxe Vinyl Dumbells from SPRI

    These in-style and popular deluxe vinyl dumbells are very durable and perfect for aerobics, step training, or walking.

    Vinyl dumbells at SPRI

    Check out this elliptical or resistance bands or light dumbells. Cold therapy socks can be excellent for sore or swollen feet and ankles. 

    CBD As A Gift For Seniors

    New England Hemp Farm 1000mg CBD Relief Rub with Emu Oil

    CBD Intensive Relief Rub with Emu oil from New England Hemp Farm is convenient and easy to use, this premium maximum pain relief rub is formulated with 1000mg of premium hemp oil and other natural discomfort defeating ingredients including Emu oil.

    CBD 1000mg Relief Rub with Emu Oil - Airless Pump
    1000mg CBD Intensive relief rub with emu oil

    CBD Sleep Gummies by Elixinol

    These tasty CBD gummies from Elixinol are perfect to promote relaxation helping your loved one have a good night's sleep.

    Sleep Gummies

    Health Products as Gifts

    Giving the gift of gut health is priceless, this complete system from Microbiome+ Plus comes with 4 products; a prebiotic that feeds the probiotic with fiber, a detox colon cleaning program that has 4 cleansing cycles in one bundle, and plant-based enzymes.

    The Complete MB Bundle - Probiotic, Prebiotic, Colon Cleanse & 18 plant based Enzymes
    The Complete MB Bundle

    Gifts For Older Mothers? 

    Since most older women don't invest in more expensive things for themselves, gifts that can pamper them outside of their routine are coveted, luxurious skin cremes and face masks, anything that can help them moisturize and brighten their skin. 

    Even young seniors desire to look pretty and desirable. Their still fuss over their hair and makeup every day and likes to dress cutely.

    Products that help with their skin and appearance and are created without harsh chemicals. You could try the anti-aging Lift + Sculpting Cream from Beverly Hills MD according to the reviews, she'd probably love it, but because of kids and grandkids, she wouldn't buy it for herself. 

    Lift + Firm Sculpting Cream

    Older women born during the Depression are even less likely to spend money on good skincare, which makes a great gift. The Crepe Correcting Body Complex is also a great option because it firms and removes the wrinkly look from your arms and legs and keeps their skin looking fresh and young.

    kira grace yogo
    Kira Grace Yoga

    Yoga is all the rage in circles these days, get the special lady in your life some new yoga outfits to get her excited about working out. A new yoga top or leggings could do the trick, these Kira Grace outfits are cute and conservative. Older men are getting into the yoga craze, and thanks to Dudes Yoga, they aren't being left out, you can find men's yoga clothes, natural cork mats, and natural skincare products.

    What Are Great Gifts For Dad?

    According to this blog from Northwest Primary Care (fascinating article), You can help the older guys in your life by keeping them active and on their feet; exercising fights dementia, heart, and cardiovascular diseases.

    Write Their Memoirs

    Preserve your family legacy, tell your loved ones personal story of life, loss, love, and anything else in between. This can be a cherished heirloom passed down for generations. LifeTime Memoirs has the interviewers, writers, and bookbinders to deliver your complete and unique gift – 10 copies of a 200-page memoir, 60-minute auto recording, 60 images of your loved one, and 20 hours of personal interviews capturing their life story! You can call to get started, at 866-530-0893

    Gillette SkinGuard Starter Kit

    gillette proglide shield starter kit
    SkinGuard Starter Kit

    2 low cutting force blades that minimize tug and pull, helps to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs.

    Encourage Dad to take on some new hobbies like flying a drone which will take him outside to get some fresh air and hopefully sunshine. A good model to try is the DJI Mavic series with 20MP.

    DJI Mavic 3
    Drone Footage from DJI Mavic 3

    Exercise is the recommended activity to pursue. This article from Senior Lifestyles mentions how exercise helps to reduce falls by improving balance; kettle balls make a good gift to maintain upper body strength. At TheWrightStuff, they have lots of exercise and fitness equipment for daily maintenance or rehabilitation.

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