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aviron smart row machine review 2022

    Even if you're not a gamer, you can likely get addicted to arcade-style games on Aviron like Row Breaker, inspired by the Atari classic Breakout, allowing you to zone out and get your full-body workout as you lose track of time. 

    Work up a nice sweat as you participate in games, competitions, guided workouts, and scenic virtual rows on a 22-inch display. 

    The Aviron rower is priced at $2,199, buying one of the most engaging smart home gym machines. 

    Find yourself working out longer as you swim from sharks, break down walls of bricks, shoot flying bugs, run from zombies, race Olympians, and compete against other community members. 

    What's unique about this rower compared to other options in this category, like the NordicTrack RW900, is the smooth and comfortable ride, dual-resistance system, featuring a higher seat, making it easier to get on and off. 

    Watch a walk-thru from Andy, the founder and CEO of Aviron

    Aviron Rowing Machine – An in depth look with the founder from Aviron Interactive on Vimeo.

    Aviron Tough vs Impact Series

    The two rower models offered by Aviron are the $2,499 Tough Series and the $2,199 Impact Series. The hardware is slightly different, but the software and internal components are the same. 

    Aviron Tough Series

    Both Models Feature: 

    • Monorail design with steel/aluminum frame. 
    • 22-inch HD touch screen Android-powered with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2MP camera, Microphone, Dual 2-watt speakers, 4GB of memory, and 32GB of storage.
    • 16 levels of magnetic and air resistance
    • Nylon belt
    • Adjustable Footpads for different show sizes.
    • 20-inch high seat

    You can perform bicep curls, back rows, and tricep extensions to improve strength. The resistance tops out at 100 pounds when set at its highest level, which allows you to pull up to 100+ lbs with each stroke. In addition, Aviron recommends levels 1 to 10 for cardio and levels 11 to 16 for strength training moves. The rowers will automatically adjust the resistance, also available on the $1,499 NordicTrack RW900, but you can still manually adjust it with buttons on the console. 

    NordicTrack RW900

    Aviron is the only rower with integrated Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube. Unlike the NordicTrack RW900, Cityrow Go Max, or Hydrow, the display tilts up and down but does not rotate side to side, making it a little harder to view all the angles when following along with the mat-based workout videos in the streaming services.

    The more durable of the two models is the Tough series; it has extra steel reinforcement on the rail with commercial-grade bearings and double-width rollers and can support riders up to 507 pounds; the Impact series only supports 397 pounds. The huge benefit of going with the Tough is the ability to adjust the width between your feet, not just the length of the footpad, a feature not found on other smart rowing machines, helpful for tall, short, or heavyset riders. The footpads are 4.6 inches apart on the Impact series, and you can adjust the width. 

    Aviron - End Boring Workouts - Impact Series Rower

    Other models like the Ergatta have the footpads close together, for some can be problematic. 

    You can also use a separate sold lumbar support kit for $249 with the Tough series, which could help older adults and those with lower back issues. 

    With the dimensions at 95 by 21 by 43 inches (LWH), the Aviron Impact Series is about 10 inches longer than other rowing machines in its category. They are made for riders up to 6'7″ with a 38-inch inseam; the Tough series is an inch taller and longer, allowing riders up to 6'8″, so make sure you measure your room to make sure it's going to fit! 

    You can fold up the Impact series when it's not in use; when folded, it measures 54 by 21 by 62 inches (LWH) and stands upright on its own with no need for a wall mount. The Tough series does not fold, you'll need a dedicated exercise space for this equipment, or it may not be a good fit. The Impact series is easier to move around if you need it and is slightly lighter than the Tough series (97 pounds vs. 125 pounds). 

    Aviron Impact Series

    Both models can be plugged into a standard power outlet and require a Wi-Fi or internet connection to access the interactive workouts. 

    Since the machines download the workout content to the hard drive instead of streaming it, you don't need a fast connection and shouldn't have buffer issues.

    The machine has a nylon belt that hardly makes any noise, but the seat does while it moves along the rail, quieter than a washer machine. 

    Pros vs Joes

    Aviron Price and Member Fees

    The price starts at $2,199, so it's certainly a high-end smart rowing machine, but it's comparable to the other models like the Cityrow Go Max, Ergatta, and Hydrow. So you can take advantage of financing through Affirm, which starts at $62 a month for 36 months with a possible 0 down with 0% APR. 

    Aviron offers a 30-day trial to send it back in the original box within a month of purchase for a full refund and no restocking or return shipping fees. Their rowers feature a 10-year frame warranty and a 2-year moving parts warranty. 

    It would be best if you prepare to have someone assemble it for you, although Aviron says it should only take an hour to put it together yourself, attaching the rail and screen. 

    Lumbar Support Kit $249 for Tough Series Rower

    Like most smart workout machines, there is an extra charge for the membership, which gives you access to all the games, challenges, programs, virtual rows, and the ability to stream Youtube, Netflix, and Disney+ on the built-in display. The monthly cost is $29 a month or $299 a year. You can set up multiple user profiles so everyone in the house can use it and track their individual stats. 

    Power Play

    Even if you choose not to subscribe to the membership, you can still monitor your metrics (strokes, stroke rate, calories, pace, output, watts, distance, and elapsed time) as you row; you can track your workout stats over time and make friends on the platform.

    On the bottom of the display, there is a button you can use to navigate and manually adjust the resistance levels with a headphone jack; you'll find a camera and microphone located at the center of the top. You can also control the volume and turn the display on and off. 

    Aviron Streaming Services

    There Are Eight Ways to Workout

    1. Games – Outrun hungry wolves and escape from zombies.
    2. Streaming – Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ 
    3. Coached Programs: Personal trainer and rowing coach Austin Hendrickson helps with strength training, stretching, and core work.
    4. Power Play – Combining games and guide programs to create visual excitement, motivating and pushing you.
    5. Virtual Rowing: Experience the world's most scenic destinations. 
    6. Competition – Compete with the community.
    7. Guided Programs – Pro trainers and athletes designed these to give you an activity off the machine for a full-body workout.  
    8. Pros vs. Joes  – Compete against professional athletes and Olympians.
    Aviron Rower Mat $89

    Invite your friends to work out alongside you and explore the many animated games and races. For example, Aviron makes it easy to stay engaged with the community by using leaderboards, challenges, achievement badges, matchmaking, group workouts, and private rooms.

    You can read great customer reviews on the Aviron website.

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