Audien Hearing Review 2022: Best Rechargeable Cheap Hearing Aids.

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    The price difference sets the Audien hearing aids apart from the rest. While competitors quickly charge hundreds or thousands for custom-programmed models, the Audien products bring quality and the gift of hearing at a low cost, making them accessible for almost anyone. 

    They may be the best and cheapest hearing aids, but that would be based on opinion. If you're on a budget or cost-conscious, you may find that the many features fit your needs, and with a 45-day money-back guarantee, it could be worth a try, especially if you're losing your hearing or have already. 

    If you want advanced technology or have the luxury of seeing an audiologist, these may not be the best option. 

    They do offer rechargeable hearing aids with several other valuable features. 

    Why Should You Try Audien? 

    It would be best if you tried Audien hearing aids because they are the lowest priced compared to other hearing aids on the market. A pair of hearing aids start at $89. 

    We won't say Audien is one of the best hearing aids since it lacks many advanced features their competitors have, but they are still a great choice since they are simple to use and reasonably priced. 


    • They are not medical grade.
    • Models are rechargeable and some wireless charging
    • These are basic models without advanced features
    • Customers have mixed to good reviews
    • The Audien products are designed for affordability 
    Atom Pro

    Audien Origin Story

    The founder – Arthur Garber, decided to produce low-cost hearing aids after his grandmother began experiencing hearing loss. He discovered, however, that the models on the market were very high-priced. He found a way to bypass seeing an audiologist or taking a hearing test and sell reliable hearing aids directly to the consumer.

    However, they should not be mistaken or compared to the technology found in competitor products that cost thousands of dollars. Since the Audien hearing aids don't require a prescription from an audiologist, they cannot be classified as hearing aids, which are medically registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    They fall under personal sound amplification products, and health insurance plans do not cover them. Instead, Audien products amplify sound and speech and can help reduce the background noise, so it's easier to hear in loud situations. 

    They offer multiple models.

    Audien Atom Pro 

    Atom Pro

    Audien Atom Pro

    Type: In-the-canal (ITC)

    Cost: $249/pair

    Battery: Rechargeable

    Type of hearing loss: Mile to moderate

    Atom Pro is the brand's smallest and most powerful hearing aid and is the most expensive. It has various features like an advanced sound processor and feedback cancellation. This hearing aid fits inside the ear canal and is almost invisible to the eye; the battery life is the longest, with up to 4 days of use. It comes with a portable wireless charging case. In addition, there are accessories you can purchase to extend the life of the devices. 

    Although the Audien Atom Pro is the most expensive in their product line at $249 per pair, they are still much cheaper than these other hearing aids on the market and is way below the average of $4,600 per pair, according to the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

    Audien Atom 


    Audien Atom 

    • Type: ITC
    • Cost: $99/pair
    • Battery: Rechargeable 
    • Type of hearing loss: Mild to moderate

    The Audien Atom is similar to the Atom Pro but without some features; it has a sound processor and wireless charger, and the battery life isn't as good as Atom Pro, with 25 hours of use per charge.

    You can find accessories for this device to extend its use. 


    Audien EV1 Rechargeable 

    • Type: ITC
    • Cost: $89
    • Battery: Rechargeable
    • Type of hearing loss: Mild to moderate

    The Audien EV1 has a microphone and volume adjustments but no digital features. Some users have complained that none of the 4 included earbud sizes don't fit comfortably in the ear. The battery only lasts for 20 hours on a full charge. However, it doesn't have the technology to reduce the background noise, which may not improve your hearing situation. The Audien EV1 comes with a charger.

    Audien EV3 Rechargeable 

    audien ev3

    Audien EV3 Rechargeable 

    • Type: ITC 
    • Cost: $199/pair
    • Battery: Rechargeable 
    • Type of hearing loss: Mild to moderate

    The EV3 is 26% smaller than the EV1, with more advanced features and 24 hours of use with each full charge. They come with six different tips so you can find the perfect size. If you decide to buy these, you'll need to fit the ear domes, which are positioned on the earbuds of the hearing device. Which you will place into your ear canal. Customer reviews say that the EV3 is easier and more comfortable than the EV1 and has an accessory pack available for $12, which includes:

    Accessory Pack

    audien accessories
    • Accessory case
    • Twelve replacement earbuds
    • One cleaning brush + Screwdriver
    • Eight Wax Guards

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