Weight Watchers Food Delivery Review For Seniors in 2024

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Weight Watchers Food Delivery For Seniors

    What is the Weight Watchers Program?

    The Weight Watchers Program (now known as WW) is one of the most widely used healthy eating programs globally. They have over one million subscribers globally. Do you follow a Weight Watchers points program? Over the past 15 years, Weight Watchers has had three meal programs: Points, PointsPlus, and currently Smart Points.

    There are three diet plans now, using the WW ZeroPoint Food plans, The Green Plan, Blue Plan, and Purple Plan. The one you choose depends on if you want more variety, then your Smartpoints budget will be smaller. Want more Smartpoints? You'll want to go with the Green plan with fewer ZeroPoint foods.

    How Do Points Work in Weight Watchers?

    Under Weight Watchers, the food and drinks are assigned a point value. Healthier foods have fewer points, sugar and high-fat snacks have more points. In Weight Watchers, followers have a daily and weekly allowance of points they can redeem. The goal is to use more points than allocated. There are three-point values central to the Weight Watchers program – daily, weekly, and activity points.

    Daily Points – Each person has a personalized allowance, the lowest being 30 (under SmartPoints). Your daily points goal is personalized based on several factors, including height, weight, weight, gender, activity level, and desired weight-loss plan. The daily points are reset every day.

    Weekly Points – Dieters also receive a weekly “buffer” of points to save for a special occasion or add to their daily allowance. Under PointsPlus, everyone received 49 points; now, the value is personalized. The weekly allowances also reset.

    Activity Points – The participants can earn extra points for exercising; for example, walking 3,000 steps earn 3-5 points (based on weight), and dieters can choose to trade activity points for food.

    How Do You Calculate Your Points?

    For example, if you wanted to have breakfast, you could have an eff (2 SP), bacon (5 SP), and 1 oz of cheddar cheese (1 SP). You would use 8 SmartPoints. Suppose your allowance was 30; you would have 22 points for the rest of the day; it's that simple.

    What Foods Can You Eat?

    The reason Weight Watchers has been successful is because no foods are forbidden. You can eat and drink whatever you want, even my favorite chocolate cake! You have to track your food.

    Weight Watchers rewards healthy eating; when you fill up on healthy foods like fruits and veggies, they cost fewer points than the sugar foods like soda, which might cost you 10 points, but 3 ounces of chicken breasts only sets you back 3 points.

    Weight Watchers Food Delivery For Seniors

    If you stay within your allowance, you can enjoy your favorite foods, even dessert, and wine.

    What is (WW) Weight Watchers Reimagined?

    In 2019 Weight Watchers introduced new quick-prep meals, chef-inspired, nutritionist-approved, and ready to eat in 10 minutes or less. They rolled out more than 200 stores across the Midwest.

    The meals are perfect for seniors because they are nutritious and can be prepared quickly. You don't have to spend any time prepping or cooking.

    WW Fresh meals serve two people and range in price from $14 to $20; all the ingredients are pre-prepped with the proteins pre-cooked; you or your caregiver combine the ingredients, heat, and eat. Here are six meals that rolled out in their launch.

    • Beef Baja Bowl with Fire-Roasted Corn and Black Beans – Mexican-inspired meal with beef and veggies like green/red peppers, beans, onions, corn with pico de gallo, and tortilla strips, uses 6 SmartPoints value per serving.
    • Grilled Chicken Tacos with Roasted Chipotle Sauce and Pineapple Slaw – With a roasted chipotle sauce and lime salsa, these chicken tacos come with sweet slaw on the side that tastes excellent topping the tacos! These will “cost” you 5 SmartPoints value per serving.
    • Two Cheese Butternut Squash Rotini with Bread Crumbs – A healthy version of mac-n-cheese with butternut squash, cheddar, parmesan, and a crispy panko bread crumb topping (12 SmartPoints value per serving)
    • Dragon Bowl with Thai Peanut Sauce – Nutritional vegan meal with quinoa, butternut squash, and baby broccoli with a bold spicy-sweet peanut sauce and squeeze of lime. These are 8 SmartPoints value per serving.
    • Creamy Cavatappi with Parmesan, Chicken, and Mushrooms – Chicken breast, mushrooms, and asparagus paired with a classic Alfredo sauce cost 7 SmartPoints value per serving.
    • Lemon, Chicken & Kale Salad with Parmesan and Almonds – This is a layered dinner salad complete with chicken, cherry tomatoes, and carrots, honey-lemon dressing with parmesan, and almonds are finishers. This meal is 7 SmartPoints value per serving.

    If you are staying inside or don't live near a location that carries these meals, you can get to deliver them to your doorstep via their meal delivery service partnership. 

    If you're a first-time customer, you'll get a $60 discount on your first three boxes.

    Weight Watchers Shop

    They have an excellent menu with categories like Breakfast, Snacks, Coffee, desserts, Pancakes, Pasta, Chocolate, Popcorn, all kinds of Snacks – meat snacks, puffed snacks, snack bars, Smoothies, chips, crisps, and crackers.

    They have exciting filters like – sort by special diet whether you are on a gluten-free, high protein, vegetarian, low carb, or high in fiber, looking for dairy-free, sugar-free, kosher, or vegan choices you'll find something here. 

    Weight Watchers Reimagined

    To pique your interest, sort by taste – Sweet, Salty, crunchy, chocolatey, fruity, cheesy, creamy, crispy, savory, and spicy!

    They've expanded into kitchen and lifestyle products as well. They have their signature collections of products. 

    Weight Watchers has a shop with all kinds of stuff, including cookbooks, food, drink containers, kitchen tools, utensils, and even small appliances. You'll find scales and books, gifts and sets, supplements. 

    The ShopCash program rewards you with extra points rewarding you for shopping; you earn and redeem the ShopCash coupons during specific periods. 

    Blue Apron's partnership with Weight Watchers offers Seniors a Meal Plan Delivered to Their Door.

    Blue Apron's WW service is a meal kit delivery service that Blue Apron runs in partnership with the new WW (formerly weight watchers) that meets WW's wellness and nutrition standards. The WW menu offers a weekly rotation of 6 WW-approved freestyle recipes that cost the same as Blue Apron's existing two-serving meal plan: $59.94 per week, including shipping, three recipes, and two servings, or $9.99 per serving. 

    What is the Blue Apron Weight Watchers plan? 

    WW approves up to three of the recipes designed by nutritionists that indicate with their WW Mark of Wellness. These recipes with the WW contain vegetables, low calories, low in saturated fats, and low salt and sugar. 

    Do you want to know how the Blue Apron meal delivery service works? 

    1. You visit the Blue Apron website and choose up to 3 recipes.
    2. You'll get the meal kit recipe, step-by-step instructions, and pre-portioned ingredients in an insulated and cooled box. 
    3. You follow the directions to prepare the meals, which take less than 10 minutes to make, with no grocery stores or meal planning! 

    In addition, Blue Apron offers non-WW-approved vegetarian Paleo with quality ingredients and carb-conscious, diabetes-friendly meals on their signature menu. These are better for people who wish to lose weight and eat healthier. 

    They offer an intuitive app called Digital for your smartphone that will input your Blue Apron recipes with the simple use of a barcode: when you get your recipes, using your smartphone and scanning the attached barcode plugs all the info into your WW app. Scan the barcodes and find out what foods fit your personal weight loss goals or maintenance goals. Your myWW color visually tracks them. To use Digital for the private members-only community, 5-minute coaching audios, meal plan and 

    Keep in mind that meal kit companies aren't in business to save you money. They're in business to provide convenience. The companies develop the recipes and curate high-quality, healthy meal plans and send you all the ingredients. This model makes it easy to avoid grocery stores and still get access to meal options. 

    Fresh N' Lean

    What is the Blue Apron WW Freestyle Program?

    Subscribe to a meal plan with new recipes and meal kits added each week. 

    You can choose recipes between 4-15 WW Freestyle points that offer a good variety of items. For example, if you eat most of your points during the day, you could choose a 4-point salad or something more filling like a 12-15 point pasta or rice option. 

    If you prefer a Mediterranean diet – one that includes no pasta, no sandwiches, no flatbread, 0 point proteins, high-quality vegetables, and a grain combo with an exciting sauce, you'll find 4-6 options to work with your plan.

    The best thing about choosing a Weight Watchers meal from the WW Freestyle menu over HelloFresh is they don't have a subscription model. 

    Customers who have tried using WW points with companies like Chef'd before they shut down and resold under the existing company True Chef. They found that they needed to reduce the portion sizes to achieve the point values. Maybe they weren't thinking about making those meals more filling by maximizing the zero and low-point ingredients. In contrast, those same expressed delight with alternative Sun Basket and Green Chef. 

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