Millionacres Mogul Review 2022 (Motley Fool) Is it Legit?

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    Bottom line: Millionacres by Motley Fool features two services: Millionacres Mogul & Real Estate Winners; they both help you make money using real estate investing strategies.

    The goal is to simplify real estate investing, aiming to help everyday people build wealth. Whether you plan to buy your first home or grow your portfolio, try Millionacres to demystify real estate investing.

    Millionacres Real Estate WInners Review: Is Motley Fool Legit? 

    What's the deal with Millionacres? There are two different Millionacres subscription services, Real Estate Winners and Mogul. What can you expect to learn from Millionacres? Senior Affair did some research to explain everything you need to know about Millionacres and how it works today in this review.

    Motley Fool's launched a new real estate investing brand called Millionacres. Found online at, Millionacres wants to teach followers how to build real wealth by investing in real estate.

    What is Millionacres?

    Motley Fool is one of the most trusted names in the financial publishing space. Founded in the 1990s by two brothers, Motley Fool offers free information and paid subscription services to investors from all experience levels.

    Like how Motley Fool simplified stock investing for average investors, Millionacres wants to do the same for real estate investing.

    Motley Fool explains the goal of Millionacres:

    “Our mission is to make you smarter, happier, and richer through real estate investing. We educate and empower investors to make great decisions and achieve success – from those just starting out to seasoned pros with decades of experience.”

    Motley Fool wants Millionacres to demystify real estate investing for investors, helping you build wealth in the real estate space – at the same time, providing the same “classically Foolish advice” that the brand has become known for.

    Please take advantage of the great information on Millionacres; they publish free blog posts and informative reports when you provide your email address. At any time, you can also sign up for paid subscription services like Mogul and Real Estate Winners, giving you additional information about real estate investing.

    Who is Millionacres for?

    This is for US investors who want access to public and private real estate investments; you can invest as little as $1,000. Non-accredited investors can get monthly recommendations. Accredited investors with a liquid net worth of $1 million or a qualifying annual income can access the investments. Mogul was made for high net worth earners. The service could be an alternative to owning rental property. 

    Investors can get trading ideas for these asset classes:

    Crowdfunded Commercial Real Estate – Individuals offering and REITs

    Real Estate equities – Stocks and REITs available on other investing apps.

    You can also find these opportunities on Crowdstreet; the service finds opportunities on other platforms as well. 

    What Will You Learn with Millionacres?

    Real estate is like the ocean; it's vast and can be very intimidating, especially when you first get started. 

    Real estate is also one of the most significant opportunities for investors. We've all read about other people building real wealth through real estate investing, and you can do it too.

    It's possible to launch entire careers from real estate investing. Building an extensive real estate portfolio could allow you to quit your job or retire earlier than planned. The real estate investments you make today could secure your family for generations.

    Motley Fool understands the complexity of real estate investing – and the opportunities within real estate investing. With Millionacres, Motley Fool wants to demystify real estate investing for anyone.

    What will you learn with Millionacres? Here's how Motley Fool explains the information you'll receive through Millionacres:

    motley fool millionacres

    “Millionacres is a comprehensive resource to help investors of all kinds become more successful with real estate. There's no one-size-fits-all solution; that's why you'll find content on REITs, rental properties, fix-and-flips, financing, commercial crowdfunding, and more on”

    Real estate isn't a single industry. It's a collection of different spaces – from residential real estate to commercial real estate and REITs. Some people flip houses. Others invest in REITs, getting exposure to real estate without ever owning a home.

    Some of the topics covered by Millionacres include:

    • Commercial real estate
    • House flipping
    • Short-term rentals
    • Rental properties
    • REITs
    • Real estate ETFs
    • Land investing
    • Real estate stocks

    How Does Millionacres Work? 

    Millionacres was founded based on five core principles, including:

    1.) You Shouldn't Have to Pay Thousands for Real Estate Investing Education: You can find plenty of courses offered by real estate investment gurus. These courses cost thousands of dollars and claim to teach you the power of real estate investing. The brothers founded Millionacres on the principle that real estate investing information should be free. Although Millionacres has paid services, the company makes content on available for free.

    2.) Learn from Experienced Operators

     Since Motley Fool employs some of the most trusted names in the online investment analysis space, the writers and editors at Millionacres are experts in real estate investing and writing.

    They combine their experience, and it ranges across many different real estate disciplines. Even better, the writers and editors aren't inspired, endorsed, or sponsored by any advertiser.

    Millionacres wants to provide unbiased information from people you can trust.

    3.) Fancy Industry Jargon Won't Impress anyone: I've read many real estate investment blogs, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. It's refreshing to know Millionacres wants to teach you the same concepts – but without the jargon. They explain, “real estate is complicated enough without needlessly complex terminology.”

    4.) They Rate and Review Products & Services Important to Real Estate Investors: Millionacres does not claim to be influenced by specific advertisers; they want to highlight products and services vital for real estate investors. The company rates and reviews tools, products, services, and books essential to real estate investors.

    5.) They Believe Individual Real Estate Investors Are a Vital Part of Communities: Millionacres wants to create a diverse and open community of real estate investors, offering opportunities that are available to anyone. Often we think of Real estate investing as being a privileged and inaccessible world. Millionacres wants to open it up to everyone.

    Millionacres Services

    Millionacres offers two premium subscription services. Although the information on is available for free, you can pay for Real Estate Winners or Mogul.

    We have written complete reviews of Real Estate Winners and Mogul. Here's a basic overview of each service:

    Mogul ($2,999 Per year): Mogul is the flagship subscription service for Millionacres. Mogul expands on the website's knowledge base with specific strategies real estate investors can take today. Mogul subscribers receive vetted recommendations for individual crowdfunded investments, REITs, equities, and tax-efficient planning, among other services.

    Real Estate Winners ($275 Per year): Real Estate Winners is a paid subscription service that helps users build their portfolios using real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate equities other products and services.

    You get access to exclusive interviews and their scoring models. The service looks for the best investment opportunities via online stock brokerages and crowdfunding platforms. Everyone has access to deals but lacks time to research and identify them; this is what Millionacres has done for you. 

    Dividend Income

    Did you know that real estate and stocks can earn dividend income from rising asset prices and dividend payments? Real estate can earn a higher dividend than non-real estate stocks. REITs that trade on the stock market have to distribute at least 90% of their profits to shareholders. 


    Mogul vs. Real Estate Winners, Which Should You Choose?

    It can be confusing to know which product to subscribe to, consider these points: Think about your experience level, budget, and if you plan to pursue real estate investing as a hobby or a career? 

    If you have a tight budget, you shouldn't put yourself in debt to subscribe to these services. Just visit the site, read the free materials, and learn as much as possible before investing in something like this. 

    If you are a beginner, I wouldn't advise spending thousands of dollars on advanced tactics until you learn the basics. So I recommend the Real Estate Winners newsletter, but if you are experienced and want to step up your game, I'd say go with Mogul. Financially, if you plan to invest less than $10,000, try the Real Estate Winners newsletter, but if you plan to spend more than $10,000, invest in the Mogul product for maximum results. 

    About Millionacres Mogul Real Estate Newsletter

    Mogul is a real estate investment recommendation newsletter from Millionacres. The newsletter teaches subscribers how to take advantage of real estate investing.

    When you subscribe to Mogul, you get regular commentary on the state of the real estate industry. You get tools, guides, and other resources to help you make informed investment decisions. You get tax research to amplify returns, along with specific recommendations for real estate equities, REITs, and individual commercial real estate deals.

    The Mogul team wants to provide honest, transparent, and impartial research. They can act as a guide for real estate investors. Without pushing you towards a specific opportunity, their team will equip you with the knowledge to become a wealthier, wiser, and better-informed real estate investor.

    Mogul's proprietary system for analyzing real estate investments gives each property a “Mogul Score” based on Millionacres; they send their team across the country to spot new investment opportunities and refine its Mogul Score system.

    Mogul will cost you $2,999 yearly, and subscribers can receive many bonus reports and other products for signing up today.

    The Mogul Score

    The Millionacres team uses a 100-point scoring model when they recommend investments. This model is only available to Mogul subscribers. 

    Mogul Score Criteria includes

    Platform: Is the crowdfunding platform reputable and easy to use?

    Sponsor History – Finances and Experience of the Sponsor

    Macro real estate trends – Performance of similar real estate deals

    Potential Return – Are the returns worth the investment and risk? 

    Deal Quality – Favorable terms and Growth potential 

    Taxes on Investments

    The tax treatment for investing in individual properties is different from trading real estate stocks and REITs. Crowdfunded private placements recieve a Schedule K-1, coming later in the tax season and more complex than Form 1099 that you get from stock investments. 

    The K-1 lets you deduct income losses and depreciation, effectively reducing your taxable passive income. 

    If you don't want to deal with this tax form, stick with publicly traded recommendations. 

    You could also consider investing in Crowdfunded REITs as Realty Mogul offers.

    The Millionacres Real Estate Winners Newsletter

    Real Estate Winners is the more affordable premium service from Millionacres. Real Estate Winners is a REIT and real estate equities newsletter.

    Motley Fool launched Real Estate Winners with a similar goal to Mogul: to keep real estate investors informed.

    The Real Estate Winners team of analysts identified a group of real estate investments and REITs in some of the most significant demographic and technological trends shaping society today.

    When you subscribe to Millionacres Real Estate Winners, you will learn more about these opportunities; they crowdfund most real estate investments and similar opportunities.

    When you subscribe to Real Estate Winners, you'll get:

    • At least one new REIT or real estate equity recommendation each month
    • Updates on offers, after earnings announcements, and other significant events
    • Educational content and resources to make you a more intelligent real estate investor
    • Quarterly Top 10 Investment Alerts

    Motley Fool claims Real Estate Winners could deliver 13.4%, 14.1%, and 16.7% per year, and you could benefit from opportunities that aren't in other spaces, like tax breaks, government payouts, and a limited supply. You won't have to become a landlord to enjoy this.

    Topics Covered by Millionacres

    Millionacres provides free information to real estate investors through its blog.

    Investors sign up for paid subscription services like Mogul and Real Estate Winners and unlock crowdfunded investment opportunities and other services. Or, you can study the blog posts and get free information about real estate investing.

    Some of the topics recently covered on the Millionacres blog include:

    What is Pre-Foreclosure, and How Does It Impact Both Homeowners and Homebuyers? Why This REIT's Latest Purchase Means It's Doubling Down on Hollywood

    • 3 REITs You Need in Your Real Estate Portfolio
    • I Put $25,000 Into This REIT: Here's Why You Should Too.
    • 3 Top Real Estate Stocks to Buy With Dividends Above 5%
    • Where to Find REO Foreclosure Listings

    Millionacres publishes multiple blog posts per day about real estate investing, covering topics from across the industry.

    Who's Behind Millionacres?

    A team of experts leads Millionacres. At launch, the Millionacres team consists of these individuals:

    • Greg Martz, Director of Operations
    • Austin Smith, Managing Director
    • Matthew Argersinger, Lead Investor
    • Angel Hembry, Customer Success Manager
    • Deidre Woollard, Editor
    • Matt Frankel, Senior Analyst, CFP
    • Matt Bray, Director
    • Emily Strassman, Marketing Project Manager

    With either service, you can view the portfolio of real estate investing opportunities. You browse these opportunities, choose the one you like, then invest as you would invest in an ordinary stock.

    One advantage of Millionacres is diversification. Most homeowners don't have a choice: their home is their most significant investment.

    With the Millionacres crowdfunded real estate system, you can diversify. You could put 10% of your portfolio into residential properties, for example, and 50% into commercial real estate in a different market and asset class. With Millionacres Mogul and Real Estate Winners, it's easy to diversify.

    How Much Does Millionacres Cost?

    Millionacres is free for anyone to use. It's a free blog found online at and

    You can browse the blog posts for free without entering your email address or paying anything.

    Suppose you're interested in learning more about crowdfunded real estate opportunities or real estate investing in general. In that case, you can sign up for Mogul, Real Estate Winners, and other Millionacres subscription services:

    Real Estate Winners: $249 per year

    Mogul: $2,999 per year

    Final Conclusion

    Real estate is the best investment in modern history. Real estate has created more billionaires today than any other asset class.

    Millionacres is a new Motley Fool service featuring real estate investing information. Discover free information about real estate investing and how it works, including tips for investing in real estate and guides to earning more significant real estate returns.

    Millionacres has two premium services, including Mogul (a real estate investment recommendation newsletter) and Real Estate Winners (a REIT and real estate equities newsletter). You can discover crowdfunded investment opportunities and more.

    To learn more about Millionacres and what to expect, visit online today at

    What Are Other Motley Fool Services? 

    Motley Fool Stock Advisor

    Motley Fool Rule Breakers

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