Medicare Coverage Of Portable Oxygen Concentrators Explained


Medicare Coverage Of Portable Oxygen Concentrators Explained

    In this blog post, we will be discussing Medicare coverage for portable oxygen concentrators. We will provide an overview of portable oxygen concentrators, explain who is eligible to receive Medicare coverage for the device, outline how to find a provider that accepts Medicare for the devices, and summarize our thoughts in a conclusion. Whether you are looking for more information on these devices or trying to determine if you qualify for coverage by Medicare, this post should offer some helpful information. 

    Overview Of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    Portable oxygen concentrators provide an essential medical service to individuals who suffer from respiratory ailments that severely reduce the amount of oxygen in their blood. This technology allows for these individuals to take their oxygen supply with them anywhere they go, making it a vital source of independence and mobility.

    Medicare coverage offers financial assistance for those who need to purchase a portable oxygen concentrator, as well as coverage for maintenance and repair. In this blog post, we will be exploring Medicare coverage of portable oxygen concentrators in further detail. 

    Medicare Coverage For Portable Oxygen Concentrators

    As a critical part of home healthcare for those suffering from respiratory problems, durable medical equipment like portable oxygen concentrators can provide much-needed relief. Fortunately, if you are eligible for Medicare coverage, you can receive reimbursement for most or all of the cost of your portable oxygen concentrator.

    Medicare typically covers up to 80% of the rental charges or purchase price for the device and its accessories – such as batteries and tubing – plus any applicable delivery charges. However, it is important to note that certain criteria must be met for Medicare coverage to apply; these requirements are subject to change at any time.

    Be sure to stay informed on current Medicare regulations regarding this essential medical equipment and contact your provider if you have any questions about qualifying and receiving reimbursement. 

    Who Is Eligible To Receive Medicare Coverage For Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

    It is important to understand who is eligible to receive Medicare coverage for portable oxygen concentrators. Those who are 65 or older and meet certain other conditions, such as having an affinity for a chronic lung disease that requires them to use oxygen therapy, are eligible for Medicare coverage of POCs.

    Additionally, those with end-stage renal disease may be eligible for Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) coverage of POCs. It’s important to note that only qualifying individuals can access this type of medical equipment through the Medicare program – those ineligible for Medicare will need to secure private insurance or pay out-of-pocket to obtain a POC. 

    How Can I Find A Provider That Accepts Medicare For Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

    Finding a provider that accepts Medicare for portable oxygen concentrators is simple! First, check with your local Medicare office to see if they have a list of approved providers. If not, you can contact your insurance company for additional information.

    You can also search online for companies who can provide this coverage. Be sure to read their services and policies to get the best deal available. Additionally, many medical supply stores carry a selection of portable oxygen concentrators that will be covered by Medicare, so don't forget to ask there as well! 


    In conclusion, it is important to understand Medicare coverage of portable oxygen concentrators so that those who need oxygen therapy can easily access the life-saving treatment. Knowing how Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans cover the cost of these machines allows patients to make the best decision for their budget and health.

    It is also important to know what options are available for supplemental and secondary insurance policies, in order to ensure full coverage of POCs. With all of this information, individuals can be confident that they can receive quality care with a portable oxygen concentrator when needed.

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