Is your Nest Egg at Risk?

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Is your Nest Egg at Risk

Picture this, being able to invest in ways to pursue the highest possible rates of return with guaranteed protection from losing money, as well as no fees.

It’s not a Unicorn! It truly exists and is guaranteed by contracts with highly rated firms. Fiscal Designs has branded these solutions “Peaceful Portfolios” because they offer peace of mind for their investor clients.

The “Peaceful Portfolio” is an optimal solution for investors who are:

  • Unsure of where and how to invest to secure highly competitive rates of return.
  • Worried about losing money from market losses during uncertain and volatile times.
  • Tired of paying fees.
  • Frustrated trying to time investments with the market ups and downs.
  • Curious about ways to optimize portfolios for legacy planning.

“Before working with Todd and Fiscal Designs, I had no idea that investment products were available that allowed me to invest without the fear of losing money. It sounded too good to be true, but I trusted Todd, his transparency and personal use of the solutions.”

Vince B. (actual client)

Vince B. was nearing retirement, and the repositioning of his portfolio avoided the significant 2022 market losses; his retirement timeline is still on track. Vince’s story is wonderful, but sadly not like many others at or near retirement.

According to a recent survey taken by Quicken, “About 48% of people who were planning to retire in 2022 are putting their plans on hold or reconsidering them. Another 22% of people planning to retire sometime after 2022 are considering delaying their retirement dates.”

Fiscal Designs is a boutique independent firm that evaluates client goals and objectives and compares various available solutions in the states our clients reside in to present optimal “Protect and Grow” strategies. There are never any advisory or consulting fees, and products do not have fees unless clients wish to incur a nominal fee to “buy up” or enhance rates of return in some products. 100% of client funds are invested, and Fiscal Designs is directly compensated by the investment companies with separate funds.

Todd Friedman

If you’d like to learn more or see what options are available in your state, feel free to contact Todd Friedman directly at:  or visit 

About Todd Friedman – A former Army major equipped with an engineering degree from West Point, Todd is experienced in solving complex problems, has succeeded in diverse industries and has cracked the code on designing and implementing solutions for optimal investment and insurance needs. Before founding Fiscal Designs, Todd served as CEO, VP and other Executive roles in financial services, healthcare, and technology organizations.
Fiscal Designs is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Todd is married and resides in Washington state, the greater Tacoma area. When not helping clients, he enjoys boating, golf, wine, and travel.

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