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HelloFresh Meal Delivery For Seniors Review 2021

HelloFresh is perfect for retired boomers and seniors get inspired to cook but spend less time meal planning and shopping, (claims to save you 46% compared to shopping at a grocery store) and looking for a nutritious and balanced diet diet diet alternative to frozen meals.

Our Favorite HelloFresh Meals

1.) Chicken Gyro Couscous Bowls with Hummus, Tomato-Cucumber Salad, and Creamy Feta Sauce

Hummus and pita chips with Israeli couscous, za’atar-spiced chicken, lemony chopped salad, tangy feta sauce, and a sprinkle of fresh dill.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Chicken Gyro Couscous at HelloFresh
Chicken Gyro Couscous Bowls

2.) Harissa Chickpea & Sweet Potato Salad with Feta, Candied Sunflower Seeds, Pickled Shallot & Creamy Lemon Herb Dressing

Vegetarian Middle Eastern-inspired meal with roasted chickpeas and sweet potato in harissa spices. You will pickle shallots and make sweet and crunchy candied sunflower seeds. Served with fresh spinach salad and a creamy lemon herb dressing.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Harissa Chickpea & Sweet Potato Salad

3.) Creamy Lemon Salmon over Tomato Scallion Couscous

Seared Salmon fillets with couscous, tomatoes, and scallions. Drizzle a lemon cream topping over the top for extra flavor.

Total time: 35 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Creamy Salmon over tomato scallion couscous at HelloFresh
Creamy Lemon Salmon with Tomato and Scallions

What's Special About HelloFresh?

HelloFresh was started in Berlin, and there is something to be said about German efficiency. They provide easy and convenient cooking ideas that you can easily follow at home. The recipes have pre-measured and pre-portioned ingredients and simple instructions to make it easy and fun to prepare meals. With 6 easy steps, you can enjoy your dinner in 30 minutes.

The company also makes it user-friendly to cancel, skip or reactivate your subscription. The 3 different meal plans are Classic Box, Family Box, and Veggie Box and 17 items on the menu with a lot less available if you're on a vegan or vegetarian diet, which is a downside of HelloFresh compared to other meal kits delivery services for seniors.

HelloFresh offers:

  • Responsibly sourced and delicious ingredients delivered to your door.
  • Meat and Veggies, vegetarian, low calorie, quick and easy, pescatarian and family friendly plans.
  • Ability to customize with Fit, Quick or Variety preferences.
  • One Hall of Fame meal every week (the all-star recipe that customers love most)
  • One premium meal every week (elegant recipes with a handpicked selection of premium ingredients)
  • One breakfast option very week. (for those brreakfast-for-diner nights or weekend mornings)
  • A fully stocked online Kitchenware shop with the best chef-approved kitchen essentials
  • Premium wines hand-selected to pair with HelloFresh meals as part of the Wine Club.

HelloFresh follows these recycles guidelines:

  • Insulated liners – The summer liners need to be included with the recyclables, the winter liners can go in the trash, and the honeycompb paperboard is curbside friendly.
  • Ice packs – The water-soluble contents can go with the trash, not the sink. The plastic pack can be recycled.
  • HelloFresh Box – You can include this with your recyclables.
  • Seperator and meal kits – These are curbside friendly as well.


The HelloFresh Kitchenware collection contains some must-have items like a recipe card binder so you home cooks can keep your recipes safe and handy to use over and over. The online shop has knives, ovenware, tableware, cleanup tools and storage options,,, and even eco-friendly items like an odor-eliminating compost bin.

Something unique is the HelloFresh kits, a specially curated collection of utensils and products designed specifically for certain needs like the Quick-Fix Kit for home cooks, to help cut down the prep time with gadgets like a digital kitchen timer, garlic press, citrus squeezer, potato masher, and food chopper.

Other kits that caught our eye:

Tiny Tummies Kit – Retired with a desire to become a buddy sous chef? This kit can get you started in the kitchen.

The Aftermath Kit is a complete cleanup and storage kit and includes a dish scrubber, storage containers, soap dispenser, and kitchen towels.

The Starter Kit – This beginners kit has a zester-grater, spatula, olive wood spoon, multifunction peeler, and elevated steel tongs.

Some of the products are being sold by partners Joseph Joseph, and Microplane, and the rest are HelloFresh originals.

How Does HelloFresh Work?

You can sign in with your Facebook account or use your email address and choose a password to get started. Next, select the plan you'd like to try between Classic Plan, Veggie Plan, or Family Plan. The Classic Plan allows for 15 delicious recipes every week, compared to 3 meals with the Veggie and Family plans. The Veggie plan has no meat or fish, and The Family plan is perfect if you have grandkids or picky eaters staying with you.

You can get meals for you and your spouse with the Classic plan and decide how many meals you'll need every week. The shipping is always free, you'll be prompted for your delivery address, and show you available delivery dates and times. Unlike some meal kit services, you can choose the delivery date that works for you, and finally, you can pay with either credit card, debit card, or Paypal. The plan with auto-renew each week; you can cancel or pause your services with 5 days' notice.

HelloFresh Meal Options

The qualified team of chefs and dietitians on staff at HelloFresh delivers delicious and balanced meals that are simple enough for most people to cook at home. The wide variety of options makes it easy for you to find meals that fit your preference with over 20 meals with pre-measured ingredients, easy-to-follow recipes with complete nutritional info and cooking tips. You will need to have some things like salt, pepper, sugar, oil, and butter. The recipes let you know how difficult the recipe will be and how long it takes to prepare the meals.

Here is a breakdown of the plans:

  • Meat and Veggies Plan – This is a collection of meat, fish and seasonal produce that you can choose from, and a menu of over 50 options to pick each week. Prices start at $6.79 per meal.
  • Veggie Plan – Offers recipes that have plant-based proteins, hearty grains and seasonal produce. You can build you custom meal plan with over 50 menu items. Prices start at $6.79 per meal.
  • Calorie Smart Plan – These are dietician approved meals with around 650 calories each. Prices start at $6.79 per meal.
  • Quick and Easy Plan – Perfect if you want to cut down your time to prep, cook and cleanup after cooking.
  • Pescetarian Plan – Feturs a combination of delicious veggies and seafood that fit your dietary needs. Prices start at $6.79 per meal.

How much does HelloFresh cost?

All 6 plans have the same pricing structure, starting at $6.79 per meal when you pick the largest plan. The shipping costs $9.99 per box for all plans. As a reader, you get free shipping and 50% off your first order. The HelloFresh plans are the Meat & Veggies plan, the Veggie Plan, the Family Friendly plan, the Calorie Smart plan, the Quick and Easy plan, and the Pescetarian plan.

All plans include meals for neither 2 or 4 people, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 times a week.

Help & Support

If you need technical help or troubleshooting when first starting out, you'll appreciate thhe account management section of the site with a comprehensive FAQ section which cvers just about anthing you'd want to know about the service. If that doesn;t answer the question, they have a support number and social media.

HelloFresh – Perfect for dinner!

True to it's name, HelloFresh is all about freshness and being the best meal meal delivery service for seniors. The ingredients are responsibly sourced with high quality premade sauces with limited processed foods makes this meal kit one of the top among HelloFresh's competitors.

How does HelloFresh Compare to Other Meal Delivery Services?

Home Fresh Home ChefBlue ApronSun Basket
Price Per Serving$7.87-$8.99 per serving$7.99 or $9.95 per serving$9.99-$10.99 per serving$8.99-$12.99 per serving
Special DietsVegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-freeVegetarian, soy-free, dairy-free, calorie-consciousVegetarian, gluten-free, low carb, diabeticVegetarian, Vegan, quick and easy, lean and clean
Menu Variety Choose from 5-8 recipes per weekChoose from 12 dinners and 3 lunches per weekChoose from 4-8 recipes per weekChoose from 6-18 recipes per week

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does HelloFresh really cost?

The cost of the entrees is about $9.99 per serving, but the total price per delivery depends on how many servings you order and how many meals you order every week. Also there is a shipping charge of $9.99 per delivery.

Is HelloFresh really healthy?

Because it sources its ingredients from trusted providers with nutritionally dense entrees complete with proteins, hearty grains and seasonal produce.

What kinds of meals does HelloFresh have?

HelloFresh has one of the most diverse menus among meal delivery companies, each week you'll find food inspired from all over the globe, including Ginger Beef Stir-Fry, Korean Beef Bibimbap and Arroz Con Pollo.

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HelloFresh Review 2021 - Get $80 Off - Senior Affair

With Hellofresh's reputation as one of the best meal kits on the market, they offer a variety of simple, 6-step meals with quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers conveniently offered as a subscription. This kit is worth checking out as each serving is only $9.99.


  • +With only 6 steps, the recipes only take 30 minutes to prepare.
  • +You can choose a variety of cuisines, flavors, and cooking techniques so you won't get bored.
  • +Claims to be 46% cheaper than grocery shopping


  • -Not for singles
  • -

Where to Buy

Buy on HelloFresh
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