Does Medicare Cover the SilverSneakers Program? 5 Facts to Know

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    If you or a relative is in the Silver Sneakers program, you need to know how coverage will work. Here is a guide on coverage for Medicare and Silver Sneakers.

    Decades of research have shown that exercise is good for adults over 65. Exercise can help reduce the risk of disability and improve your physical function.

    Plus, working out can offset the declines in strength, flexibility, and balance that come with age. So many seniors turn to SilverSneakers to get their fitness on. 

    Yet, it can be challenging to understand how to get coverage for Medicare and SilverSneakers. That's why we created this handy guide.

    Want to know more about the SilverSneakers fitness program and how you can join for free with Medicare? Then keep reading because we're answering these questions below!


    What is SilverSneakers?

    SilverSneakers is a fitness program for seniors. When you join SilverSneakers, you can access partner gyms and fitness classes designed for adults aged 65 and over. 

    If you don't prefer the gym, you can sign up for SilverSneakers FLEX. FLEX allows you to participate in fitness classes in the park, community centers, and churches.

    Additionally, SilverSneakers members get access to online resources (like virtual fitness classes) and a platform to connect with fellow members. 

    If these aren't reasons enough to join SilverSneakers, here's the kicker: research shows that this fitness program can save you money on healthcare. 

    Medicare and SilverSneakers: What's Covered?

    Original Medicare doesn't cover fitness programs or gym memberships. Unfortunately, that means SilverSneakers isn't covered under Original Medicare.

    If you want to join SilverSneakers and have Original Medicare, you'll have to pay 100% of the out-of-pocket costs. 

    But here's the secret: you can get full coverage for the SilverSneakers fitness program with a private Medicare plan.

    How to Get Medicare Coverage for SilverSneakers?

    No, Original Medicare plans won't cover SilverSneakers. But there is good news: some Medicare Part C plans and Medicare Supplemental insurance plans will cover SilverSneakers!

    Medicare Part C is also known as a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Supplemental insurance is also known as Medigap. Both Medigap and Medicare Advantage are private Medicare plans.

    Because these plans are private, members can add additional benefits. For example, you could add a SilverSneakers membership. 

    How to Sign Up For SilverSneakers

    Once you've picked a Medicare plan that works for your fitness goals, it's time to sign up for SilverSneakers. That's simple: visit the SilverSneakers website and sign up with your Medicare information. 

    After signing up, you'll get a membership card with your unique SilverSneakers member ID. Use your member card to access SilverSneakers' partner gyms, fitness classes, and FLEX. All for free with a private Medicare plan!

    Enroll in a Private Medicare Plan For SilverSneakers

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    When it comes to Medicare and SilverSneakers, choosing a private plan means you can add coverage for your fitness plan. Pick from Medigap or Medicare Advantage insurance plans and get into the best shape of your life!

    Are you searching for private Medicare insurance that covers SilverSneakers? You've come to the right place.

    If you qualify for Medicare but don't know where to start, we have licensed insurance agents ready to answer your questions and help you enroll in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Prescription Part D plans.

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