Does Medicare Cover Back Surgery?

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does medicare cover back surgery

One of the most frequently asked questions about Medicare is, “Does Medicare cover back surgery?”

It is good to know that Medicare covers several surgeries, and back surgery is among those. Back pain is caused by different reasons, such as Arthritis, muscle or ligament strain, disorders of the aorta, and chest tumors, so it is essential to visit your doctor to help diagnose the cause of the back pain.

Types of Medicare and What they Cover

Medicare has four parts of coverage that we will discuss.

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is the first part of Original Medicare. Medicare Part A covers inpatient or hospital care for injuries and illness, nursing care, drugs, general hospital care, and semi-private room services. If your hospital accepts Medicare and your doctor officially orders that you need inpatient hospital care, you will be eligible for this–.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B is known as medical insurance and is the second part of medical insurance. Medical insurance covers outpatient coverages, doctor visits, laboratory tests, disease detection screenings, flu shots, vaccines, medical equipment such as wheelchairs, X-rays, blood sugar monitors, ambulance charges, etc.

Medicare Part C

Medicare part C is also known as the Medicare Advantage Plan. Private health insurance companies grant Medicare Advantage plans, whereas The federal government issues original Medicare.

Medicare Part C covers all the benefits of Medicare Part A and Part B and some other benefits, including hearing, dental, or vision services.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D provides drug prescriptions and is part of the Medicare Advantage plan issued by private health insurance. 

Although Medicare Part B also provides some specific vaccines and medication coverages, Medicare Part B covers a greater option for vaccines and outpatient medication coverages.

What Does Medicare Cover for Back Surgery?

As discussed earlier in this article, there are different Medicare plans, and the plan you choose ultimately determines the benefits you will enjoy.

Medicare Plan A covers inpatient services such as drugs, general nursing services, public rooms, general hospital services, and meals.

Medicare Plan B covers doctor services, physical therapy, and outpatient services after being discharged from the hospital.

Medicare Plan C and D help to reduce the amount you pay for your back surgery to a considerably cheap rate. 

Types of Back Surgery Covered Medicare

Medicare covers the following types of back surgeries:

  1. Discectomy 
  2. Spinal laminectomy or spinal decompression
  3. Foraminotomy
  4. Spinal fusion
  5. Artificial disc replacement


Generally, Assuming your doctor recommends that you return your original Medicare, Medicare Part A and Part B will cover the surgery. In contrast, private health insurance will cover Medicare Part C and D.

To know how much a back surgery will cost you is relative; there is no definite amount because the services rendered determine the cost. Therefore, your doctor should help with an estimated cost.

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