Heavenly Walk-in Tubs

    Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tubs has created the world's first and only, no installation, no remodeling, and easy-to hook-up, walk-in tub.

    Their tubs eliminate the cost and mess of construction while giving you the benefit of portability and mobility.

    Their tubs were designed to fit through most standard door frames making it ideal for any room in your home.

    Best of all, if you move your tub can move with you.

    Portable is not only affordable but it’s the safest way to take a bath, shower, and experience the benefits of hydrotherapy with little or no assistance.

    The low-entry door threshold, built-in safety grab bars, slip-resistant textured floor, and 17” ADA seat height makes their walk-in tub safe for older adults, those with disability and athletes alike. With minimal controls, operating the tub and living independently has never been easier. Their Quick Connect hook-up allows your tub to fill quickly and drain even faster.

    The tub plugs into any 110-volt standard outlet and offers 13 strategically places water jets to help ease your muscles, improve your circulation and totally relax your soul.

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