Best Portable Bathtubs for Seniors. Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tubs Review 2022

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Best Portable Walk-in Tubs For Seniors. Heavenly Walk-in Tubs Review 2022

    With most bathtubs built into the room, they can become inaccessible when you begin having mobility issues. In this Senior Affair review, we see why Heavenly Portable Walk in Bathtubs has invented the best and only portable walk-in bathtub for seniors and disabled individuals. 

    One of the best features: No installation needed! You won't have to remodel your bathroom to accommodate your loved one! It's a quick and easy hookup process. If you are a caregiver or an aging adult, you may agree that mobility change could dramatically affect hygiene. Moving in mom or dad to your home can be both reassuring and nerve-racking; you will have to address a host of new responsibilities. 

    Always keep in mind: protecting them from falling in the bathroom is crucial. Once an older adult falls and breaks something – commonly the hips, legs, and arms, it can become a chore for everyday bathing. Heavenly Portable Walk-in tubs build the bathtubs to move around so that you can use them in any room with enough space.

    One concern addressed is the drain time; it drains quickly, so you don't have to stand there wet while waiting to open the door.

     You can choose to build them in the bathroom or use them as portable. The Heavenly Portable Walk-in Tub comes with a Limited LIFETIME Warranty. They have financing to remove any hesitations. The tub needs to be near a water source, 30-amp outlet, and somewhere to drain it. This tub is great for hydrotherapy by eliminating pain and treating infection, using jets, warm water, and air to stimulate your endorphins and relax sore muscles. Some people use hydrotherapy to treat arthritis, diabetes, muscle cramps, osteoarthritis, joint pain, stress, insomnia, back pain, muscle pain, stomach problems, and other issues, not to mention it lowers your blood pressure in 5 minutes. 


    Has great safety features, so you can age at home independently.

    • Low Threshold entry – 3.5″
    • 2 built in Grab bars
    • Anti-slip floors
    • 13 Pain-relieving hydro massage jets
    • Fills quickly
    • Drains in less than 90 seconds
    • Aromatherapy to help you relax
    • Free Shipping on any portable walk-in tub.
    • Plugs into standard 110v outlet
    • 5 Function handheld shower head
    • Slip resistant floor
    • ADA Seat height of 17″


    Among walk-in bathtubs on the market, Heavenly Portable Walk-in tubs set themselves apart with a design that won't break the bank, nor will it require a general contractor and loan to remodel the whole bathroom, or even worse, sell the home to accommodate for the lack of mobility.

    The team has superior customer service, you'll always be able to pick up the phone to speak to someone if you have an issue or concern.

    As you get older, it's wiser (and cheaper) to prevent a fall in the bathroom rather than reacting after someone takes a tumble.

    You can buy this now at Amazon or dial 1-877-458-8432 to order.

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