What are the Causes of Back Pain? 5 Facts

What is the Cause of my Back Pain?

    Back pain is a significant complaint, accounting for most disability cases globally. The linkages between back pain and causation are several, ranging from collision, injury, poor posture, age, wear & tear, arthritis, and other medical conditions like shingles or spinal infection.  Your occupation, health status, activity level, and age will largely determine the chances of … Read more

    Common Eye Problems In The Elderly: Stats, Facts, and Data You Need to Know

    Common Eye Problems in the Elderly

    As people age, the risk of developing problems with eye health increase dramatically. As a result, the general health of the eye has become much more fragile over the years. In addition, if an elderly individual has other health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or vascular disease, they have a much higher risk … Read more

    Here Are 2 Ways Dialysis Can Treat Your Chronic Kidney Disease

    Using Dialysis to Treat Your Chronic Kidney Disease

    Despite the prevalence of chronic kidney disease, which affects thousands of people each year, there are still no known methods for completely curing failing kidneys. However, multiple treatment methods are available if your kidney disease progresses to this stage. Dialysis is the most common treatment for end-stage renal disease and also one of the most … Read more

    What You Need to Know About 5 Common Types of Wounds in the Elderly

    What You Need to Know About 5 Common Types of Wounds in the Elderly

    The elderly population is already at greater risk for several health conditions, diseases, and disorders, with many of them causing specific consequences related to skin health and integrity.  Due to consequences secondary to vascular disease and diabetes and nursing home complications, wounds and the need for wound care are becoming more common in the geriatric … Read more

    13 Diabetic Complications That Promote Research and Development

    13 Diabetic Complications That Promote Research and Development

    Diabetes is a long-term condition that you can reverse in some cases, and in other cases, you can manage it more efficiently to avoid potential complications. For example, learning about the dangerous complications of diabetes can help you take precautions to prevent these bad outcomes.  The journey to better quality health starts with knowledge.  Potential … Read more

    7 Ways Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes, and Hypertension Are Related

    Chronic Kidney Disease Diabetes and Hypertensions Link

    Chronic kidney disease can come from several health conditions, habits, and genetic factors. Still, the two most common are diabetes and hypertension. These two conditions are well noted as primary chronic kidney disease causes, as they impact your kidneys’ health in detrimental ways. Now, having one or both of these conditions doesn’t automatically lead to … Read more

    The Biggest Problem With Falls In The Elderly, And How You Can Avoid Them

    The Biggest Problem With Falls In The Elderly, And How You Can Avoid Them

    Each year, millions of elderly individuals over 65 will experience a fall, and many will fall again soon after the first fall. These falls often result in serious injuries, such as fractures or head injuries. In fact, according to the CDC, 800,000 individuals annually over the age of 65 are hospitalized due to a fall. … Read more

    7 Post-Stroke Conditions in the Senior Population

    Post-Stroke Conditions In The Geriatric Population

    A cerebral vascular accident or stroke is an arising medical condition requiring immediate treatment by a health care professional. The earlier a stroke is treated, the better the outcome. Yet, many strokes will have delayed treatment for many reasons, resulting in significant neurological deficits in such individuals. For example, older adults who have had a … Read more

    Tips and Tricks to Help You Manage Your Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms

    How to Manage Your Chronic Kidney Disease Symptoms

    The symptoms of chronic kidney disease can be pretty bothersome. When your kidneys aren’t functioning as they should, this can result in several health problems, some of which may become very serious.  However, you don’t have to accept painful and sometimes ominous symptoms as part of your new normal. However, you can make some adjustments … Read more