6 Steps for Making Your Home More Business Friendly

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With more boomers working from home, many houses do not have what is needed for success. Often, home businesses require only minimal changes, but sometimes issues with layout, space, or decor may prompt homeowners to search for another location. Whether you are staying put or looking for something new, take these strategic steps from Senior Affair to create a business-friendly home.

1. Determine Your Needs

Depending on your business needs, you may have to make changes. For example, if you need a workshop, you could create this space in your garage. If you need an office, one of the spare rooms in your home may be sufficient. If you meet clients in the space, that will affect how you design and present it as well. For instance, a separate entrance, extra seating, and dedicated parking might be in order; Real Homes points out that for some people, a separate structure like a garden office might be in order. Brainstorm the most efficient ways to give you the right space and develop a plan to create it.

2. Establish a Budget

Once you have a plan, start crunching numbers. If you need to remodel the space by adding insulation, bookshelves, or a kitchenette, weigh the costs of hiring a handyman versus making changes on your own. Remember to keep your budget realistic. Maybe you cannot afford to replumb for a guest restroom, but you can afford LED lights to change the ambiance. Prioritize your budget by allocating more to things that are absolute necessities, as described by Livable.

3. Purchase the Right Furniture

No office space or workshop is complete without the right furniture. You’ll grow weary without the right chair to support you throughout your workday. If you thrive in an organized environment, purchasing storage bins and cabinets will keep your things neat. A tool board in your workshop will give you quick access to your most-needed tools. Incorporating a coffee bar into your office will give you easy access to your hourly coffee boost without the added distraction of walking to the kitchen. Furniture will play an incredibly important role in comfort, focus and efficiency.

4. Decorate

Decorations allow you to create a space that encourages positivity. For example, if your favorite shade of yellow gives you an energy boost, repainting the walls or adding yellow accents will enhance your office space. If staring at your puppy all day will help to relieve stress, hang a picture of him within sight. Adding decorations that make your office enjoyable will allow you to thrive for hours. Maximize focus by steering clear of any distracting decorations.

5. Search for a New Home

If you find your current home does not give you the rooms, features, or space you need to run an effective business, searching for a new home may be the right choice. Many newly built houses include a home office. If you opt for an older home, you may need to search for one with an extra bedroom, living area, or garage.

You could even look for a home that has an outbuilding to use as an office where you can concentrate more easily on work and even meet clients without having to bring them into the house. Physically meeting up with clients could be useful for helping to build trust and secure sales. As Caitlin Brodie explains, such meetups can also be important when seeking funding from investors or donors.

In your hunt for an affordable home of “as is” sales, always complete an inspection before purchasing a home. This will reveal structural damage to the home. Often a seller will not fix these upon closing, and the cost of fixing structural damage can add up for the buyer. Working with a real estate agent can help you find a home that suits your business, financial, and family needs.

6. Focus on Your Business

After putting your heart and soul into selecting the perfect spot for business and pleasure, it’s time to start focusing on building and growing your business. If your business is new, start with the basics, like selecting a business name and establishing a legal business entity.  Once those tasks are complete, you can start marketing your product or service. There are resources out there that will walk you through how to start a business website for free, including buying and hosting the domain and choosing and customizing a template to tell your business’ story.

Having a home business is highly rewarding and requires a quality work area. Creating a space within your home or purchasing a new home can provide higher levels of focus, positivity, and creativity, which will likely compensate you through your business's success.

Guest Post by: Tina Martin @ http://ideaspired.com

Originally published August 25, 2021

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