3 Secrets: How You Can Gracefully Learn To Live Into Your Golden Years.

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Sandy Robinson. I’m a 72-year-old lady, so I guess that makes me a senior! My career has been very varied. After high school, I trained to be a registered nurse in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Working in many areas of the hospital prepared me to help people of many ages to learn to enjoy their lives and preserve their good health. 

  Me needing help to gracefully age wasn’t something I expected for myself. I was always the caretaker, helping others as they grew older. As I am growing older, I find others asking me why they are having difficulties in their lives. The fear of getting older is one aspect that affects many people as they age.

Now finding myself face-to-face with fear of my own life motivates me to share my experiences.

How can we gracefully learn to live well into our older years? You don’t need to be afraid that life has passed you by; I have friends who are living happily into their 90s and beyond.

 If you have ideas and questions you would like to see discussed here, send me a note with your comments and questions. I will answer them as soon as I can. I can refer back to my life as an RN, and looking forward to my future as a contributor to Senior Affair and meeting my readers.

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