Wellness Briefs Review: Adult Diapers Inspired By NASA Technology

wellness briefs adult diapers

When you or a loved one uses incontinence products, the caregiver and user want to ensure the product doesn’t leak and is comfortable to wear, even at night. These adult diapers from Unique Wellness are inspired by NASA technology, with the most absorbent adult briefs on the market. 

The award-winning NASA-inspired InconTek technology combined with SPEEDSORB technology protects your skin by keeping your skin dry, also removing the odor and other issues associated with adult diapers and briefs. 

When you wear Unique Wellness Briefs, you can be confident you won’t have to worry about accidents or embarrassment, and it can reduce the number of changes per day to 3 and reduces the number of diapers you use, saving you time and money in the long run. 


The sizing may run a bit large, and ordering some samples may help you choose the perfect fit. The packaging is high quality and explains the technology.

The Wellness Briefs Superio Series come in:

  • Medium – 24″ to 36″ hips or waist 
  • Large – 36″ to 46′ hips or waist
  • X-Large up to 67″ hips or waist
Wellness Brief Superio Series
Wellness Brief Superio Series

Superio Series – Side-Taped Diapers

Superio Series is their top-of-the-line adult diaper briefs, designed for more active use that will never tear or have pinholes despite constant movement. The white plastic backing is quieter and does not make the usual crinkle sound other briefs make. It also features a wider core to help those with bowel incontinence and the NASA-inspired InconTek® advanced multi-layered system. Latex free and has a re-sealable landing zone.

These award-winning adult incontinence diapers and briefs were featured on Discovery Channel’s How stuff works and was designed to last up to 8 hours using NASA-inspired multi-layered InconTek® technology similar to designs used by astronauts in space for long missions.

The unisex adult briefs have a unique scheduled changing system in that they only need to be changed once in eight hours or three changes in 24 hours. Save up to 70% over other incontinence briefs due to fewer changes and rarely requires expensive creams or ointments.

Recently they added a new feature to their adult diaper briefs called SpeedSorb® which can absorb liquid up to 400% faster than our previous designs. This ensures that your skin stays dry.

WELLNESS BRIEF SUPERIO SERIES with over 1157 five star reviews! Click here to see why customers are raving!
Side taped diapers

Elastic Leg Bands

The elastic on the legs is wide enough for most legs and should help you feel secure.

Standing Inner Leak Barriers

The leak barriers are very effective and run up the entire length of the crotch, halfway up the front of the product, and even some on the back, which is excellent for bowel accidents. There is no need to “stand them up” when you open the diaper to put it on, they stand on their own and go right where they’re supposed to be. The material repels liquid. 

Side taped diapers

Resealable and latex free, these are top-of-the-line products to provide peace of mind and protection.

The diaper tapes are large, making them very strong and easy to grasp and hold onto.

wellness briefs adult diapers
Wellness Briefs Pull-ons

Absorbent Underwear 

The most popular product is the pull-on underwear featured on Discovery Channel, which is designed to last up to 8 hours and inspired by astronauts in space that must be used in space for long missions. 

They come in 5 sizes:

  • Medium – 19″- 30″ waist – 16 count
  • Large – 30″- 40″ waist – 14 count
  • X-Large – 40″ – 60″ waist – 12 count
  • XX-Large – 60″ – 80″ waist – 10 count
  • XXX-Large – 80″ – 95″ waist – 10 count

Quality is excellent, including bed pads and booster pads.

Currently, they ship to 48 States. 

Use this code UNIQUE5 to save 5% on your order. 

You can purchase by the case, pack, or a sample

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wellness-briefs-review-adult-diapers-inspired-by-nasa-technologyWellness Briefs has developed an adult diaper with a tripled-layer absorption system just like the ones NASA developed for astronauts to keep them dry for long periods of time. Wellness Briefs offers high quality products that reduces the amount of changes and number of diapers used.


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