PureWine Review: How Does it Eliminate The Side Effects from Wine?

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    Like many people, you probably enjoy a glass of wine or two occasionally, usually with a meal. However, the results may be unwanted – like skin flush, headaches, stuffy nose, or even sneezing. 

    You may not know that much of the population also suffer from this allergy. The chemicals that affect you are called histamines and sulfites. Both exist in the wine-making process, regardless of whether the wine is labeled “organic” or not. Since the wine is made of grapes, the fruit's skin is the culprit. 

    Luckily, PureWine is based and manufactured in the US; Dr. David Meadows and his son, Derek, created the solution to address this problem.

    PureWine provides the only wine filters that eliminate wine headaches and other adverse side effects without affecting the wine's taste, aroma, or color. The PhoenixThe Wand™ and The Wave™ wine filters rapidly remove histamines and sulfites from wine – the culprits which cause these adverse side effects. 

    Based and manufactured in the US, Dr. David Meadows and his son, Derek, co-founded PureWine to meet the needs of a large portion of the population that suffer from wine sensitivities (75% of wine drinkers experience negative side effects).

    PureWine is the only wine filter that removes BOTH sulfite preservatives and the histamines that trigger common wine sensitivities. The products are designed to preserve and salvage your open bottles.

    The Wave 

    Designed to aerate and purify an entire bottle of wine, it's good for one use, and you can buy singles or packs of three. You place the sleek Wave on the bottle of wine and pour! When you finish the bottle, you can dispose of the device. If you open a new bottle, you'll need a fresh filter. 

    • The Wave is the only product to purify your wine by removing the histamines and sulfites from a whole bottle. 
    • Won't add harsh chemicals to your wine.
    • The Patented NonoPure purification has been proven safe and effective in independent tests.
    • FDA-compliant and BPA-free
    PureWine the Wave
    The Wave

    The Wand

    Perfect for a single glass of wine and convenient to take on the go, pull out your Wand, place it in your drink, and stir; after a few minutes, you'll be able to enjoy your wine. When you finish the glass, you can dispose of the device. 

    • No more wine headaches.
    • Every box has an assortment of twist-off charms, including lucky clovers, diamonds, hearts, and win drops. 
    • Their patented NanoPore purification has been proven safe and effective in independent tests.
    • FDA compliant and BPA-free.
    • Won't add harsh chemicals to your wine.

    Don't worry. The Wand will work on all red, white, and sparkling wines without changing the wine's natural taste, aromas, or color. It's portable and can fit in your pocket or purse. The Patented Phoenix Technology restores open, oxidized wine to its natural state. 

    The Wand
    phoenix start kit
    The Phoenix

    The Phoenix Starter Kit 

    The first reusable wine filter is The Phoenix pouring device, an air tube, and three pod filters when you buy the starter kit. You can use this like The Wave; it attaches to your bottle of wine and purifies as you pour. You will need to use a fresh pod for every new bottle.

    Insert the Bio-pod cartridge into the Phoenix base.

    As you pour, there is a 3-5 second delay as the wine work through the filter. 

    The Phoenix Bio-Pod Refill

    The Phoenix Bio-Pod Refill

    You can grab The Phoenix Refill pack with eight pods, each aerating and purifying a whole bottle of wine.

    Easy to Use

    In the box, you'll find instructions on how to place The Wave onto the bottle of wine; with a bit of maneuvering, you can get it attached, then it takes a few minutes for the tube to fill with wine before you can pour it out. It may even start pouring slowly at first, and you'll successfully get the wine flowing through the device with a few attempts.

    The Wand is even easier to use; open the package, twist the top holder on your glass, then submerge The Wand in the wine; give a few stirs and three minutes, and it's ready to go!

    Rose' – Wine Awesomeness


    The experience will remain the same, with no missing or altered flavors.


    You can feel free to use The Phoenix, The Wave, and The Wand on different bottles of wine; the result will be the same: no more headaches. 


    The efficiency of the products is fantastic; they work as advertised and can allow you to enjoy your favorite wine without the fear of headaches, hangovers, sneezing, or flushing. PureWine has over 8 million Wands & Waves sold and 4,000 five-star reviews online. Remember that PureWine can't eliminate the effects of alcohol if you consume too much. 


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