Lexie Lumen Bluetooth Hearing Aid


For only $799, you can get a pair of Bluetooth hearing aids with all the new technologies you’ll want in a hearing aid. The Lexie Lumen is the only hearing aid that fit your hearing profile perfectly.

lexie hearing rechargeable hearing aif
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An affordable, stylish bluetooth hearing aid with all the bells and whistles you seek in a hearing aid.

Directional hearing

Directional microphones amplify the sounds you want to hear and reduce the sounds you don’t want to hear.

Crystal clear sound

Delivered through dual drivers to immerse you in a world of sound.

Crisp phone calls

Hear better when you’re talking over the phone.

Sweatproof technology

Nano coating technology that matches your active lifestyle and extends the life span of your devices.

Telecoil functionality

Sends speech to your hearing aids through an induction loop system when speaking on the phone or when in public places.


A smart fit algorithm to customize your devices according to your hearing profile.


Lexie Hearing

Lexie Hearing®, an innovative game-changer in the US hearing aid market, is on a mission to make healthy hearing accessible to everyone with an all-inclusive, affordable hearing care solution that includes quality, medical-grade hearing aids. The team at Lexie is passionate about helping people improve their hearing without spending thousands of dollars. Too many people do not wear hearing aids because they are so expensive, so Lexie Hearing® is changing the industry. What sets Lexie Hearing® apart is its competitive pricing. By leveraging smart technology and remote care, Lexie hearing aids deliver the quality and features expected from premium hearing aids at 80% less than the average industry cost. Customers can purchase the hearing aids with a one-time payment of $799 online or a subscription of only $49/mo x24.
lexie hearing rechargeable hearing aif


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