Hear The Difference: An In-Depth Review Of Eargo Hearing Aids

eargo rechargeable hearing aid

This comprehensive review will discuss various topics related to these cutting-edge hearing aids. We’ll start by giving an overview of how Eargo hearing aids work and their features. Then, we’ll move on to the performance of the device, including sound quality and noise cancellation capabilities. We’ll assess comfort, design, cost, and insurance coverage factors. Finally, … Read more

Mend Adapt Mattress Review [2022]

Mend Sleep specializes in making direct-to-consumer mattresses with innovative and advanced materials. We tested the Adapt Mattress for six months, a flippable hybrid model made with CertiPUr-US foam, and an 8″ quantum coil support system. The bed has two firmness options, medium soft and medium firm. The material is breathable with materials like a pocketed … Read more

GrandPad Reviews [2022] Have You Heard of Tablets Explicitly Made for Older Adults?

If you have a loved one who is aging-at-home, currently in assisted living, or otherwise at your home alone, you may have tried multiple solutions to stay in touch.  Even though most boomers and seniors are more tech-friendly than ever, for those older than 80, hard of hearing, or sight-impaired, all the features on today’s … Read more

10 Best CBD Oil Brands to Buy in 2022

top 10 cbd oil brand reviews 2022

Elixinol Everyday Daily Balance CBD 500 MG Save 30% on all orders using code Senior30 The bestselling formula promotes relaxation and a healthy mood. Full spectrum extract made from USA-grown hemp. New England Hemp Farm Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1,000 MG Save 25% on all orders using code Senior25 Blended with only three ingredients, their … Read more

Audien Hearing Review 2022: Best Rechargeable Cheap Hearing Aids.

audien hearing aid

The price difference sets the Audien hearing aids apart from the rest. While competitors quickly charge hundreds or thousands for custom-programmed models, the Audien products bring quality and the gift of hearing at a low cost, making them accessible for almost anyone.  They may be the best and cheapest hearing aids, but that would be … Read more

OneSkin Review: Everyday Skincare Formulated for Anti-Aging

oneskin review

In the crowded niche of anti-aging products, Constantly, we are challenged to “try everything” to suppress the aging process.  Often bold claims and fancy advertising lines hook us. However, once we peel back the fancy packaging and start using the product, we may be instantly disappointed, or we may give it time to change our … Read more

PureWine Review: How Does it Eliminate The Side Effects from Wine?

purewine wine filter

Like many people, you probably enjoy a glass of wine or two occasionally, usually with a meal. However, the results may be unwanted – like skin flush, headaches, stuffy nose, or even sneezing.  You may not know that much of the population also suffer from this allergy. The chemicals that affect you are called histamines and sulfites. Both exist in … Read more