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What are Senior Discounts?

Business owners in retirement realize that as you get older, you may not be as flexible on budget, but they still want your business so they’ll offer you a discount. This can be as simple as getting your “senior discounted coffee at McDonald’s” or discounts on medical alert systems or internet systems. There isn’t a legal obligation to offer them, but they are becoming more common, being a member of AARP you gets access to many of those discounts. Sometimes they don’t advertise their senior discount or special, so you should always ask!

Senior Affair is pleased to bring you our inaugural retirement edition of The Ultimate Senior Discount List of 2022. We not only searched the top media sites for discounts, but we are also actively soliciting businesses to offer a special discount or item on the menu that is special for seniors.

If you plan on recommending any of our senior discount lists, please give proper attribution to Senior Affair and a link back to our website.

If you have senior discounts for retirement you’d like to recommend, please do so in the comment section below. Our senior discount lists will continue to grow as our community members actively engage with each other to make sure we always maintain current information!

How Old Do You Have to Be to Recieve A Senior Retirement Discount?

This is no magical determination if a company offers a senior discount, you have to inquire to find out. As long as you age-qualify you should be able to get the discount, for example – some auto insurance companies give senior discounts to anyone over 50. A lot of restaurants give discounts if you’re over 55. Retail stores are getting in the habit of offering retirement discounts to anyone over 60, you should always ask.

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