Aunty Devi’s Meat Pies Review: Family Secret Meat Pie Recipe.

Family Meat Pie Recipe

If you’ve never had a New Zealand-style meat pie or sausage roll, you have no idea what you’re missing. Aunty Devi and Uncle Nate as they are so affectionately known around Escondido California, hand prepares and bakes the pies from a decades-old family meat pie recipe.

After visiting their bakery 8 years ago, I’ve since moved away but I still crave their meat pies to get delivered in bulk.

aunty devis meat pies
Nate and Devi – Founders

They freeze very well and come shipped overnight and semi-frozen, if you decide to freeze them, we’ve found that even after months they taste amazing after a quick round in the toaster oven.

You will probably like every flavor you try, you can’t go wrong if you desire a flaky crust pastry with savory meat and gravy that is very filling and rich.

The New Zealanders compare their meat pies to American hotdogs or hamburgers, or comfort food. They even put ketchup on the top, You should try it, you might love it! The traditional is the Mincemeat pie but the chicken and sausage rolls are delicious and make for a great meal or snack.

beef meat pies
Beef Meat Pies
Chicken Meat Pie


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Greg Wilson
Greg Wilson
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