Kosterina: Unveiling a World of Ultra-Premium EVOO

Greg Wilson

    Kosterina stands out as a brand dedicated to delivering the finest quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) directly from Greece. Their philosophy revolves around celebrating the time-tested traditions of Greek olive cultivation, while embracing modern practices to ensure purity and an exceptional flavor profile.

    Liquid Gold From Greece

    The cornerstone of Kosterina's operation lies in their unwavering commitment to using Koroneiki olives. This unique olive varietal, indigenous to the southern Peloponnese region of Greece, is renowned for its low bitterness and acidity, alongside a robust and peppery finish. Kosterina sources their Koroneiki olives from meticulously maintained groves bathed in the warm Greek sunshine.

    Early Harvest for Peak Flavor

    Kosterina differentiates itself through their dedication to early harvesting. By collecting the olives at their peak ripeness, but before they reach full maturity, Kosterina captures an abundance of beneficial polyphenols and antioxidants within their EVOO. This results in a vibrantly colored oil, boasting a remarkably fresh and flavorful profile, bursting with grassy, citrusy, and peppery notes.

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    Cold-Pressed Perfection

    Following the harvest, Kosterina employs a cold-pressing technique. This meticulous process avoids excessive heat, safeguarding the oil's integrity and extracting its purest essence. The result is an unrefined EVOO, brimming with the natural goodness of the olives and devoid of any harsh chemicals or artificial additives.

    A Range to Suit Every Palate

    Kosterina caters to a variety of preferences by offering a spectrum of EVOO options. Their Organic Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for everyday cooking, boasting a well-rounded flavor profile that complements a multitude of dishes. For those seeking a more intense experience, Kosterina's Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivers a robust and peppery character, perfect for drizzling over salads or grilled vegetables.

    The Kosterina Experience: Unveiling a World of Flavor

    Kosterina's EVOO transcends the realm of a simple cooking ingredient. It's a gateway to a world steeped in Greek tradition, exceptional quality, and an unwavering dedication to crafting an unparalleled flavor experience. With its vibrant character and health benefits, Kosterina's EVOO promises to elevate any dish, transforming even the most basic meal into a culinary adventure.

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