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Add Some Home Security Technology 

CBS News explains important ways smart home technology can improve home security and lighting situation. For rooms that are tough to navigate, lights with motion or voice activation can ease your comings and goings, or you might want to set up lights to come on simultaneously every day. Another plus is turning on lights from your phone, as it can save you from coming home to a dark house if you’re out and about longer than expected.

Philips Hue offers a premium experience via Bluetooth connectivity. You can control your lights from your mobile device. For $199, you can get a starter kit with 4 LED bulbs with ambiance adjustments to set the mood.

Philips Hue LED Starter Kit

Being unable to see well can make your home security challenging. Thankfully through, well-chosen home security lighting can often improve conditions. Assess your situation, and look for ways to stay safe and sound at home.

Kitchen Concepts for Home Security

Although the kitchen is the heart of the home, without proper lighting, and home security it can quickly become a danger zone. Sharp blades, hot surfaces, and whirring equipment can mean potentially severe injuries if you can’t see well. One suggestion is to layer the lights throughout the space when upgrading kitchen lighting. By including multiple sources in various positions, you reduce both glare and shadows, evening the light and brightening the room and home security as a whole. Avoid using shades, including some task lights in your work areas. Older homes often have fluorescent lightboxes with poor light quality, but you can replace them with options like track lighting, recessed lighting, or undercabinet lights.

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