Demystifying CBD with Dr. Trinh and MyJane is from a webinar that was hosted in early 2021, it was so good we had to repost.

Dr. Trinh M.D. is a Doctor in Orange County specializing in Alzheimer's, brain health, inflammation, and CBD.

His discovery of the effects of CBD was through medical journals and first-hand experiences with his patients. Laguna Woods is a community of 18,000 seniors who were actively taking CBD and related products.

As a doctor, he was traditionally trained to believe CBD was weed or cannabis. Like most, he had a negative view about those associated with it.

Still, soon Dr. Trinh found thousands of studies to suggest multiple theories of pain relief, anxiety, and depression treatment, even lowering blood pressure and enhancing sexual compatibility, especially in women going through menopause or cancer survivors.

CBD or cannabidiol is a hot topic, but a lot of it can be considered suspect or self-serving.

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